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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Spam ??? Kill it !!!

Well, in my previous techtip, I wrote about mytrashmail which actually is nothing but some fake email which always exist and you need not register. One of my friends told me that he uses a separate Yahoo! email account for such sort of cases. But, if one has to register twice in the same site where e-mail need to be unique, you can't use Yahoo! mail. There Mytrashmail can be of great help.

You might be getting one doubt. " Is nt there any service which we can use for those sites, and register N times with same email account ?" Well, the answer is positive. And its Gmail. It might be not be a famous feature of gmail, but its certainly the one which can make it unique. In gmail, the character '.' is not important when sending an email (Its important only when signing into gmail)

For example, my email address is karteek [dot] e [at] gmail [dot] com. I wrote it in that way just to make sure that spammer bots who search search engines for emails cant find it. (Well, lets be postitive and think that they can't find). Now, all these following email address bring email to my account only !!!

k.a.r.t.e.e.k.e [at] gmail [dot] com [at] gmail [dot] com etc etc

This is one feature which is not really useful and I dont know why its given by gmail guys.

Now, Second feature, a real ** KickAss ** feature. '+' can be appended to ur name in the email, and it still brings mail to you only. In plain words, if your email is .. then is also your email.

You can use the above feature to really findout which sites are actually spamming you or selling your emails to spammers. Or just which are useful for spammers to get your email.

Well, I'll be more clear. If I want to know whether giving my email address here in this blog can bring spam to me, i can write my email address is particular way, which will tell me that this blog is helping spammers (Well, obviously I wont sell my email to them). The way I will write my email address is ...

Now, whenever I get some mail to that email address, I can find that this blog is reason for that spam and I can simply add a filter to delete all mail sent to that email. And even if I want, I can complain to the admin of that site. With that feature, I feel like email must be called as Gmail ;)

Hope, this will be useful. As usual, if you dont like this, you know what to do !!!

Friday, November 24, 2006

Dhoom Again !!!

Yet another friday. I never use to have so much of love for friday till I started working. Today is little different and I went to Dhoom:2 with my team.

So called .. most awaited movie made us wait for 30 minutes for the start itself. Theatre guys played ads for 30 minutes and made sure that we start watching the movie with a strong negative thoughts in mind. Movie started with Hrithik in a lady role .. and then normal and some fights etc etc. He was as good as ever ** I dont like that guy, even then he was good ** He started some flying like Krish right from the start. He did some 'Sand Boarding' ** Sand-boarding is similar to Snowboarding but on sand :P ** and some 'Rail Boarding' ** Now same effect but on rails ** And some flying stunts. Ali a.k.a Uday Chopra entered on bike as expected. Abhishek entered doing some underwater stunts ...

Movie was quite faster in the first half. And it became little draggy in the second. Now you must be wondering why I'm not talking about ladies of the movie. Well .. lead roles are played by Aish and Bips. Aish played some role which is little important to the movie and Bips played a role which looks like created after writing total story. Bips role is 100% useless. She played a (dual) role where one is upto interval (For a song with Abhishek) which I cant see in the second half . And in second half, she was given a role to wear bikini and dance with Uday. Aish sucked as usual ** I'm an anti-ash guy. Sorry for Ash'ing ppl ** There was a smooching scene at the end where poor Hrithik had to kiss her lips. Total movie .. Hrithik and Abhishek Rocked !!! Uday ... good comedy ** Reminded good old-new telugu movie 'Malleswari' and Pelli kaani Prasad ** I got little bored in second half. And some stunts made me think about Tollywood all time great stunts guy .. the ultimate .. one and only ... Grama Simham .... ** Oops, I meant Seema Simham ** Balayya Babu. Bikes are back in action only in the last scene. Hrithik's make up rocked in the movie. Bips bikini rocked front rows. Aish's kiss must have rocked germs in Hrithik's mouth !!

I will suggest people to watch the movie. But, go with least expectations .. you might end up coming out with smiling face. If you go with high expectations .. You'll end up smiling at the guys who are waiting for next show !!! But, I enjoyed the movie .. just coz I went with my team !!!

** Dhoom Again !!! ** 

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Birthday Again !!

When I don't have anything to do ... God gives me a very good friend ** FYI, literally I meant a friend's birthday. Well, if you still can't understand .. take it as I don't have anything to do .. God gave me a very good friend 'his age' years ago **

Actually, I missed birthday of another close friend who's birthday is on 20 Nov. Well, Belated wishes Deepthi. She was my college mate and now a fellow associate @Work. She is a sweet girl ** yeah, all my friends are sweet ** Lets wish that everything will be good for her this year also.

Now, I've to talk about another guy who's from rival company Wipro. If I've to show a person for whom his name suits the most, I ll show this guy. His name is Chanakya. Yeah, I'm comparing him to Chanakya of our good old history lessons. This guy is damn intelligent ** he is one of the few .. I'm actually jealous about intelligence ** When I first met him, I've n't had any idea that he would one day become my best best best pal. Well, you got it correctly. This guy is one of the very few best friends I've.

If you've ever seen a guy who is

* damn intelligent
* really daring
* little rude
* very friendly
* damn sarcastic
* very very concerned about future
* pakka career oriented
* looking like Yuvi ;) ** this aint pakka truth. But, there were comments **
* a genius ??? ** No comments !!! He is one !!! **
* an all rounder .. cricket ??? badminton ??? physics ??? movies ??? fights ;) ??? .. I'm here attitude
* damn good at teasing dost as well as dushman log :P

Well, that guy is Mr. Chanakya !!! Well, above points are just a few of his traits. If you are a girl .. beware of that guy .. wait, he ain't a casanova .. he is a "Nasa"nova ** he teases/irritates girls a lot. nasa == Telugu(irritate) ** If you are a guy .. even then beware .. You could just become jealous of this guy.

If moon is a person and stars are skills ... then that moon must be "Chanakya"
Hey bud, Many Many Many Happy returns of the day !!!

Monday, November 20, 2006

My 'Trash' Mail

Well, I'm not a celebrity. So, there wont be something different in my life every damn day. So, whenever there is nothing special in my life and still .. I want to bug you guys, I'll give you out some tech-tips which I use in my everyday life.

Today's tip is on -- E-Mail !

Sometime, you've visited a site. And to see more content that stupid site asked you to register. And the registration system wont let you in unless you click on some activation link it sends to your mail. So, obvious solution is give some valid email address. But, you know what happens if the site is not genuine. Even if your email provider has very good spam protection you end-up having much spam.

I'll tell you about service named MyTrashMail. This site doesn't ask you for any registrations. I'll explain in 3 simple steps how you are going to use this service.

1. Go to some stupid site where you've to register
2. Give your email as
3. Just goto and enter 'somestupidname' in the big box provided there and just hit on "Get Email" button.
** Yes, No password. So anyone can read your email. Don't become over-intelligent and use this service for your personal emails too **
4. Now, never get spammed again by giving your original email address

** Well, I told you I'm not a celebrity to stick to my words !!! Thats just only one more point. Don't make it a big issue !!! **

Have Fun. If you like this tech-tip .. Uhmmm Like it !!! Otherwise .. Whenever you see the label "Tech Tip", you know what to do !!!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

That was close !!!

Man, That was close !!!

Friday, as usual, my friends started for home(Tirupati) which is three and half hours away from Madaras. I started from the place I stay in Madaras. I went outside in a very different mood. I was humming some song and was looking for auto. Finally, I found one guy and I asked him whats the fare to Central Bus Stand. He couldn't understand whether I've to go to Central (Railway Station) or Bus Stand. I told him Bus stand and he was not ready to go there. Found another guy .. who demanded 100 bucks for *insert less than symbol here* 60 buck fare (Here, I wanted to type less than symbol. But, there is a bug in blogger beta, which is actually removing all the words after 60 if I type that. Being a very good guy, I've just reported blogger guys. Dunno, when they will fix the bug). And my humming mood was gone and economy mode of my brain started working. I asked for 70 bucks and he accepted for 80. Its high, even then .. couldn't do anything

Well, Nothing was close up to now. Yea yeah, I've habit of typing some stupid stuff before coming to the topic. Can't help it. Its some contagious disease I got from bollywood movies. I met my friends there at Bus Stand and we had to choose very uncomfortable Tamil Nadu buses (seats suck in them, especially for a tall guy like me) As we entered bus, there were many seats empty. We wanted to take some seat in middle to be safe from jerks the bus give. There were 3 girls sitting on on 3rd row and as I don't want to go to back, I told my friends that we will take 4th row, but, one of my friends wanted to sit in 5th row. As it doesn't make any difference we went for the 5th row.

Yeah, I know nothing is close up to now. Common, you need some patience !!! Then .. after chatting for few hours, we tried to sleep (as it was already 1.00 AM) The bus was pretty uncomfortable. But, friends are very close. They adjusted some how, I kept my head on one guy and legs on another guy. At around 2.15 AM. I heard one word very loud "PORIKKI" (Yeah, double K, not the Telugu flick. Its Tamil word to *praise* people who does indecent things. One of those girls in 3rd was shouting at the guy who was sitting in 4th row. She was blaming him that that guy is .. using his hand to do something bad !!! All of us were shocked !!! And the *most-shocking* thing was .. even that guy was shocked !!! He don't know when he did that. Conductor came and he started bashing that guy and left after giving him enough. She happy went into deep sleep back again. This guy was shocked and was very upset. It must be the cool breeze which made her think like that. One can't even keep a finger through the gap there. I wonder how this guy can keep hand !!!

If that guy was really doing that, he deserve the bashing. Otherwise, THANK GOD !! We were not sitting there. That was close !!! It was really a very good decision to leave that row. Friends, when ever you are travelling in a bus, and if you have chance, try to avoid sitting behind girls. Its really dangerous for health ;) People won't even believe you. They will just think that girls never LIE !!! And guys never tell truth !!! (even though they are guys)

Well, now tell me, wasn't it close ???

Thursday, November 16, 2006

It happens only in India !!!

Yet another great day in not-so-great life.

My day usually starts with 10-snoozes on my mobile phone. I kept my recursive alarm at 06.45 AM ** like a very good boy ** And everyday, before going to bed, I keep normal alarm at 07.00 AM and go to bed in between 01.00 - 02.00 AM. As soon as my mobile rings at 06.45, I make it dumb and change the 7'O clock alarm to 7.30 After that .. some snoozes for 9 min of length. And scolding my mobile for ringing and time for passing .. I manage to get up. And with 20-30 minutes I get ready. Then, I ll wait for my bud to come and pick me up and we start our long journey through the great Madaras City traffic and some how reach office by 9.30-9.45 ** Hope my HR is not reading this :D **

Today, the day was little unusual. I got ready in time. I was waiting for the regular miss-call from my bud. Its 9.15 and he dint call. So, I called him. He usually don't pick the call ** which is a good sign, that he is riding his bike, which means he is on his way ** But, today he picked the call and gave me a shocking news that he wont be coming ** This guy is sick !!! Wait ! Not SICK sick, I meant normal sick sick !! **

You must be wondering that .. It happens everywhere .. what so special that it would happen only in India. Well, I'm coming to the topic. By looking at my new bike which is yet to get registered, feeling bad that I couldn't take it, I started for office. I went to bus stop. Mean while, I asked couple of auto-walas and they demanded half my salary * of the day * as hire. And poor me, who couldn't afford it, got into a bus which wasn't as rushy as a typical Chennai bus. There were only 60-70 people inside it. All of a sudden, bus got full and became typical Chennai bus with around 90 people in it. Some stupid students .. started running for the bus as if its the only bus in Chennai. Couple trying to hang on the foot board along with 12 other guys. And couple even trying to hang to WINDOWS !!! I was enjoying the great sight of my great great ancestors trying to climb the windows of the bus as they climbed great trees. And some bad uncles got angry on my ancestors and started scolding them in Tamil ** which I understood only half and remaining half, obviously I created my own version ** One bad uncle became really bad and started pushing one monkey ancestor from the window !!! And he was shouting, if you fall down, your hand or leg will break and what will your parents do ?? ** Wow ! This guy is so concerned about those kids' parents. But, why the hell is he trying to push that kid from moving bus ??? I couldn't understand how that bad uncle can save that kid's life by PUSHING him out of window of the moving bus ** Another semi-bad uncle got all serious and went to the foot board and started fighting with some guy who is NO WAY related to those monkey kids. ** Uhmm, that poor guy was trying to answer him that he is no way related to them, but this semi-bad uncle is not willing to listen to him. Same old story, I understood half and I created my own version of remaining ** Another very good uncle went seriously to the front and started fighting with CONDUCTOR !!!! ** God, what the hell is happening here. One guy is pushing a kid out of window and telling that he is trying to save his life. Another one fighting with someone else. Another one ... trying to beat conductor AND one idiot (me) looking all confused ** Finally, I reached the destination after sometime. I never was so happy TO GO TO OFFICE !!! When I saw my office, I felt like getting closer to heaven.

Well, I'm sure that it happens only in Chennai. If not, atleast only in India !!! Man, I'm damn lazy to write about total day. Try to adjust with this. Thanks !!! If you cant adjust goto and search for Chennai life there. Now, THANKS and BYE  !!!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Blogger ** Beta **

Why is this bugger bugging in blogger by blogging about blogger in the blogger itself ?

Sounds like a tongue-twister right ? Yeah, it is supposed to be a tongue twister only. Well, today is Children's day and there was some tongue-twisters competition at office. Those twisters left my tongue but are still twisting my brain. ** Aaao twist kare !!! I'm humming this song since morning **

Coming back to the first line, I wanted to write something about the all new "Blogger Beta". Wait !!! I know you people must be wondering how a guy who started blogging three days before knows about old blogger. Well, this blog is new, but I'm not new to blogging. I started to like it at the very first sight itself. The reason was .. why is this again a beta, when there are no changes ??? It took me few minutes for me to tell that this is really "All New". The dashboard was similar to the old one, which just shows your blogs and links to settings, create new post and layout.

There is something new in layout. Drag and drop page elements is something new and it started exciting me with in moments. Love at first sight !!! Now, my blog's layout can be changed very easily. I need not be a web designing expert to add and remove content from my blog. In fact I don't even need to know A..B..Cs of HTML. There is everything you need. They called them widgets. I don't care what they call them as, but, I call them magic wands ! Just drag and drop the page element and you decide where your elements have to sit. And you've little knowledge in understanding codes .. You can just expand the widgets and modify them as per your need very easily. *YES! I love this !!!*

Then, I tried to create a post. Everything is SOS. But, my senses were telling me that there is something new there too. Are labels new in blogger beta ?? I wasn't sure whether labels were there in old blogger. Well, I'm too lazy to check old blogger. So you better figure it out yourself ! When I posted my first post I was shocked to see that I need not publish my blog again and again as in previous blogger. Man .. My lover (blogger beta) rox !!!

As usual, I felt like adding something my post after posting it. Well, there is still an edit button *winks*. The formatting which the post is showing is sometimes different from the one which is published. And formatting (font sizes) are lost when you click on edit button. Man .. I just called this blogger beta as my lover and it started behaving like one !! Are these little big bugs ???

Ah, never mind. Who doesn't have little problems ? My lover, Blogger Beta *still lover* has some bugs too. After that, there is another software from google named "Picasa" which is photo managing software and it can be used to post photos to blogger directly. I tried to post a photo from picasa and I actually couldn't post it to blogger beta just coz I still get blogger's login in my picasa and blogger and Blogger beta are different. My lover has some more problems.

Ah, never mind. Doesn't make any difference. She is hot !!! As, the post formatting is not good in blogger beta, I wanted to post through writely a.k.a Google Docs. When I tried to publish, it asked me to give my blog details and I gave them, then it wanted to test everything is working or not and after testing it told that everything is fine and it asked me whether to post to blog. My answer was an obvious one. YES !!! After pressing that, it refreshed and told me that my post is not published. ** What ?? Not published ??? Then, what the hell were those tests that I've passed just before ??? ** I've checked my blog and the new post is not there !!

Argh !!! It cant act like a typical lover just because I called it as my lover. Man Blogger beta must be Blogger BETA. There are many functions which are not working well. Now, I cant understand why they are trying to merge blogger and blogger beta with so many disorders. People who were happy with Blogger will obviously find this new chick problematic. As, I'm pretty much adjustable, I'm still working om Blogger Beta.

Thanks Google for giving such a wonderful tool! Guys, by the way, the spell check in writely a.k.a Google Docs is showing that the words "google" and "writely" are spelling mistakes. 

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

What's better than two ? Three !!!

Well, whats better way to start a blog than starting it with two birthdays ?
Three Birthdays !!! (Yeah, this is a copied thingy from ..... the topic of this post :P ... or some TV program of some kid's channel)

Today is birthday of my childhood friend CN !

If I want to write about that guy, I can finish in one single line ... THIS IDIOT IS NOT IN CONTACT WITH ME !!

This guy was my school friend, later became college mate. This guy is now absconding !!

He looks like a giant with a smiley face. Looks(Tries to) sweet. Sounds kiddish. If any of you people find some huge guy with these characteristics, please report me here.

Dear CN, where ever you are, please come back. I ll give you all the chocolates which I've stolen from you in third class (Yea, yeah, when you were trying to save them from me by keeping them in your mouth, I've stolen them and kept in my bag). Please come back !!!

By the way, Mr. CN, Happy Birthday !!!

* Note: Not intended as sarcasm. If its not funny, please click here *

Monday, November 13, 2006

Joyeux Anniversaire !!

One of the great ways to start blogging  ... is with 2 consecutive birthdays !!

Yesterday was my blog's birthday. Today, its one of best friend's !!!

The topic is in french coz I dont know french and I still dont know what I am going to type in this post. If I start talking about her, I ll certainly forget time. In this world, its really hard to stop talking about stupid things and sweet things. She is blend of those two characters. So, certainly there wont be any stopping if I start talking about her.

I ll just give some hints about her.
She is one of the prettiest girls I know *started with a lie ;) JK*
She is not a typical *shh, kuchi kuchi kooo, choo chweeet* type girl !!
She is one of most career oriented girls I know.
She is SHORT ** Yes, 5'2'' is SHORT !!! **
She is straight forward !! 
She is the sweetest thing on Earth !!
She is one of the most boring girls on Earth !! ** ended with a fact ;) JK **

I know I know .. its enough about her. But, believe me, there are many moments I felt so lucky to have her as my friend. She just roxx !!!

Chikky, Happy Birthday !!!
I wish you success in every work you start and lots and lots of happiness !

**Chikky, by the way, what happened to your nose ???? **

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Hello World !!!

Being a programmer, I could nt get a better way to tell that I'm starting my blog. To tell about myself, I'm a software engineer (thats the typical term all employees a.k.a resources of big MNCs call themselves even if they don't deal with any softwares).

Reason behind this blog is .. YES! To terminate all the evil and give our world a fresh start. To teach humans a new method of great living. *BLA* Well, the real reason is .. everyone is blogging, why NOT me ?!!@!!! Yeah, I'm yet another goat following the trends of internet.

Doing my part of count++ to the number of blogs on internet, I assure that, I ll give my best to make this blog as interesting as possible. If its not interesting, well, you know what to do.


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