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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Birthday Again !!

When I don't have anything to do ... God gives me a very good friend ** FYI, literally I meant a friend's birthday. Well, if you still can't understand .. take it as I don't have anything to do .. God gave me a very good friend 'his age' years ago **

Actually, I missed birthday of another close friend who's birthday is on 20 Nov. Well, Belated wishes Deepthi. She was my college mate and now a fellow associate @Work. She is a sweet girl ** yeah, all my friends are sweet ** Lets wish that everything will be good for her this year also.

Now, I've to talk about another guy who's from rival company Wipro. If I've to show a person for whom his name suits the most, I ll show this guy. His name is Chanakya. Yeah, I'm comparing him to Chanakya of our good old history lessons. This guy is damn intelligent ** he is one of the few .. I'm actually jealous about intelligence ** When I first met him, I've n't had any idea that he would one day become my best best best pal. Well, you got it correctly. This guy is one of the very few best friends I've.

If you've ever seen a guy who is

* damn intelligent
* really daring
* little rude
* very friendly
* damn sarcastic
* very very concerned about future
* pakka career oriented
* looking like Yuvi ;) ** this aint pakka truth. But, there were comments **
* a genius ??? ** No comments !!! He is one !!! **
* an all rounder .. cricket ??? badminton ??? physics ??? movies ??? fights ;) ??? .. I'm here attitude
* damn good at teasing dost as well as dushman log :P

Well, that guy is Mr. Chanakya !!! Well, above points are just a few of his traits. If you are a girl .. beware of that guy .. wait, he ain't a casanova .. he is a "Nasa"nova ** he teases/irritates girls a lot. nasa == Telugu(irritate) ** If you are a guy .. even then beware .. You could just become jealous of this guy.

If moon is a person and stars are skills ... then that moon must be "Chanakya"
Hey bud, Many Many Many Happy returns of the day !!!

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God gone CraZy said...

Chanakya and Deepthi...Belated wishes to you both...



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