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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Blogger ** Beta **

Why is this bugger bugging in blogger by blogging about blogger in the blogger itself ?

Sounds like a tongue-twister right ? Yeah, it is supposed to be a tongue twister only. Well, today is Children's day and there was some tongue-twisters competition at office. Those twisters left my tongue but are still twisting my brain. ** Aaao twist kare !!! I'm humming this song since morning **

Coming back to the first line, I wanted to write something about the all new "Blogger Beta". Wait !!! I know you people must be wondering how a guy who started blogging three days before knows about old blogger. Well, this blog is new, but I'm not new to blogging. I started to like it at the very first sight itself. The reason was .. why is this again a beta, when there are no changes ??? It took me few minutes for me to tell that this is really "All New". The dashboard was similar to the old one, which just shows your blogs and links to settings, create new post and layout.

There is something new in layout. Drag and drop page elements is something new and it started exciting me with in moments. Love at first sight !!! Now, my blog's layout can be changed very easily. I need not be a web designing expert to add and remove content from my blog. In fact I don't even need to know A..B..Cs of HTML. There is everything you need. They called them widgets. I don't care what they call them as, but, I call them magic wands ! Just drag and drop the page element and you decide where your elements have to sit. And you've little knowledge in understanding codes .. You can just expand the widgets and modify them as per your need very easily. *YES! I love this !!!*

Then, I tried to create a post. Everything is SOS. But, my senses were telling me that there is something new there too. Are labels new in blogger beta ?? I wasn't sure whether labels were there in old blogger. Well, I'm too lazy to check old blogger. So you better figure it out yourself ! When I posted my first post I was shocked to see that I need not publish my blog again and again as in previous blogger. Man .. My lover (blogger beta) rox !!!

As usual, I felt like adding something my post after posting it. Well, there is still an edit button *winks*. The formatting which the post is showing is sometimes different from the one which is published. And formatting (font sizes) are lost when you click on edit button. Man .. I just called this blogger beta as my lover and it started behaving like one !! Are these little big bugs ???

Ah, never mind. Who doesn't have little problems ? My lover, Blogger Beta *still lover* has some bugs too. After that, there is another software from google named "Picasa" which is photo managing software and it can be used to post photos to blogger directly. I tried to post a photo from picasa and I actually couldn't post it to blogger beta just coz I still get blogger's login in my picasa and blogger and Blogger beta are different. My lover has some more problems.

Ah, never mind. Doesn't make any difference. She is hot !!! As, the post formatting is not good in blogger beta, I wanted to post through writely a.k.a Google Docs. When I tried to publish, it asked me to give my blog details and I gave them, then it wanted to test everything is working or not and after testing it told that everything is fine and it asked me whether to post to blog. My answer was an obvious one. YES !!! After pressing that, it refreshed and told me that my post is not published. ** What ?? Not published ??? Then, what the hell were those tests that I've passed just before ??? ** I've checked my blog and the new post is not there !!

Argh !!! It cant act like a typical lover just because I called it as my lover. Man Blogger beta must be Blogger BETA. There are many functions which are not working well. Now, I cant understand why they are trying to merge blogger and blogger beta with so many disorders. People who were happy with Blogger will obviously find this new chick problematic. As, I'm pretty much adjustable, I'm still working om Blogger Beta.

Thanks Google for giving such a wonderful tool! Guys, by the way, the spell check in writely a.k.a Google Docs is showing that the words "google" and "writely" are spelling mistakes. 

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