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Friday, November 24, 2006

Dhoom Again !!!

Yet another friday. I never use to have so much of love for friday till I started working. Today is little different and I went to Dhoom:2 with my team.

So called .. most awaited movie made us wait for 30 minutes for the start itself. Theatre guys played ads for 30 minutes and made sure that we start watching the movie with a strong negative thoughts in mind. Movie started with Hrithik in a lady role .. and then normal and some fights etc etc. He was as good as ever ** I dont like that guy, even then he was good ** He started some flying like Krish right from the start. He did some 'Sand Boarding' ** Sand-boarding is similar to Snowboarding but on sand :P ** and some 'Rail Boarding' ** Now same effect but on rails ** And some flying stunts. Ali a.k.a Uday Chopra entered on bike as expected. Abhishek entered doing some underwater stunts ...

Movie was quite faster in the first half. And it became little draggy in the second. Now you must be wondering why I'm not talking about ladies of the movie. Well .. lead roles are played by Aish and Bips. Aish played some role which is little important to the movie and Bips played a role which looks like created after writing total story. Bips role is 100% useless. She played a (dual) role where one is upto interval (For a song with Abhishek) which I cant see in the second half . And in second half, she was given a role to wear bikini and dance with Uday. Aish sucked as usual ** I'm an anti-ash guy. Sorry for Ash'ing ppl ** There was a smooching scene at the end where poor Hrithik had to kiss her lips. Total movie .. Hrithik and Abhishek Rocked !!! Uday ... good comedy ** Reminded good old-new telugu movie 'Malleswari' and Pelli kaani Prasad ** I got little bored in second half. And some stunts made me think about Tollywood all time great stunts guy .. the ultimate .. one and only ... Grama Simham .... ** Oops, I meant Seema Simham ** Balayya Babu. Bikes are back in action only in the last scene. Hrithik's make up rocked in the movie. Bips bikini rocked front rows. Aish's kiss must have rocked germs in Hrithik's mouth !!

I will suggest people to watch the movie. But, go with least expectations .. you might end up coming out with smiling face. If you go with high expectations .. You'll end up smiling at the guys who are waiting for next show !!! But, I enjoyed the movie .. just coz I went with my team !!!

** Dhoom Again !!! ** 

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