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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Hello World !!!

Being a programmer, I could nt get a better way to tell that I'm starting my blog. To tell about myself, I'm a software engineer (thats the typical term all employees a.k.a resources of big MNCs call themselves even if they don't deal with any softwares).

Reason behind this blog is .. YES! To terminate all the evil and give our world a fresh start. To teach humans a new method of great living. *BLA* Well, the real reason is .. everyone is blogging, why NOT me ?!!@!!! Yeah, I'm yet another goat following the trends of internet.

Doing my part of count++ to the number of blogs on internet, I assure that, I ll give my best to make this blog as interesting as possible. If its not interesting, well, you know what to do.

1 responses:

Rishabh said...

k the gr8 into blogging..well this is serious business!!! god bless the bloggers..they have got some serious competiotion :-P


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