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Thursday, November 16, 2006

It happens only in India !!!

Yet another great day in not-so-great life.

My day usually starts with 10-snoozes on my mobile phone. I kept my recursive alarm at 06.45 AM ** like a very good boy ** And everyday, before going to bed, I keep normal alarm at 07.00 AM and go to bed in between 01.00 - 02.00 AM. As soon as my mobile rings at 06.45, I make it dumb and change the 7'O clock alarm to 7.30 After that .. some snoozes for 9 min of length. And scolding my mobile for ringing and time for passing .. I manage to get up. And with 20-30 minutes I get ready. Then, I ll wait for my bud to come and pick me up and we start our long journey through the great Madaras City traffic and some how reach office by 9.30-9.45 ** Hope my HR is not reading this :D **

Today, the day was little unusual. I got ready in time. I was waiting for the regular miss-call from my bud. Its 9.15 and he dint call. So, I called him. He usually don't pick the call ** which is a good sign, that he is riding his bike, which means he is on his way ** But, today he picked the call and gave me a shocking news that he wont be coming ** This guy is sick !!! Wait ! Not SICK sick, I meant normal sick sick !! **

You must be wondering that .. It happens everywhere .. what so special that it would happen only in India. Well, I'm coming to the topic. By looking at my new bike which is yet to get registered, feeling bad that I couldn't take it, I started for office. I went to bus stop. Mean while, I asked couple of auto-walas and they demanded half my salary * of the day * as hire. And poor me, who couldn't afford it, got into a bus which wasn't as rushy as a typical Chennai bus. There were only 60-70 people inside it. All of a sudden, bus got full and became typical Chennai bus with around 90 people in it. Some stupid students .. started running for the bus as if its the only bus in Chennai. Couple trying to hang on the foot board along with 12 other guys. And couple even trying to hang to WINDOWS !!! I was enjoying the great sight of my great great ancestors trying to climb the windows of the bus as they climbed great trees. And some bad uncles got angry on my ancestors and started scolding them in Tamil ** which I understood only half and remaining half, obviously I created my own version ** One bad uncle became really bad and started pushing one monkey ancestor from the window !!! And he was shouting, if you fall down, your hand or leg will break and what will your parents do ?? ** Wow ! This guy is so concerned about those kids' parents. But, why the hell is he trying to push that kid from moving bus ??? I couldn't understand how that bad uncle can save that kid's life by PUSHING him out of window of the moving bus ** Another semi-bad uncle got all serious and went to the foot board and started fighting with some guy who is NO WAY related to those monkey kids. ** Uhmm, that poor guy was trying to answer him that he is no way related to them, but this semi-bad uncle is not willing to listen to him. Same old story, I understood half and I created my own version of remaining ** Another very good uncle went seriously to the front and started fighting with CONDUCTOR !!!! ** God, what the hell is happening here. One guy is pushing a kid out of window and telling that he is trying to save his life. Another one fighting with someone else. Another one ... trying to beat conductor AND one idiot (me) looking all confused ** Finally, I reached the destination after sometime. I never was so happy TO GO TO OFFICE !!! When I saw my office, I felt like getting closer to heaven.

Well, I'm sure that it happens only in Chennai. If not, atleast only in India !!! Man, I'm damn lazy to write about total day. Try to adjust with this. Thanks !!! If you cant adjust goto and search for Chennai life there. Now, THANKS and BYE  !!!


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