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Monday, November 13, 2006

Joyeux Anniversaire !!

One of the great ways to start blogging  ... is with 2 consecutive birthdays !!

Yesterday was my blog's birthday. Today, its one of best friend's !!!

The topic is in french coz I dont know french and I still dont know what I am going to type in this post. If I start talking about her, I ll certainly forget time. In this world, its really hard to stop talking about stupid things and sweet things. She is blend of those two characters. So, certainly there wont be any stopping if I start talking about her.

I ll just give some hints about her.
She is one of the prettiest girls I know *started with a lie ;) JK*
She is not a typical *shh, kuchi kuchi kooo, choo chweeet* type girl !!
She is one of most career oriented girls I know.
She is SHORT ** Yes, 5'2'' is SHORT !!! **
She is straight forward !! 
She is the sweetest thing on Earth !!
She is one of the most boring girls on Earth !! ** ended with a fact ;) JK **

I know I know .. its enough about her. But, believe me, there are many moments I felt so lucky to have her as my friend. She just roxx !!!

Chikky, Happy Birthday !!!
I wish you success in every work you start and lots and lots of happiness !

**Chikky, by the way, what happened to your nose ???? **

1 responses:

Nikky said...

Thank you soo soo much..!!!


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