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Monday, November 20, 2006

My 'Trash' Mail

Well, I'm not a celebrity. So, there wont be something different in my life every damn day. So, whenever there is nothing special in my life and still .. I want to bug you guys, I'll give you out some tech-tips which I use in my everyday life.

Today's tip is on -- E-Mail !

Sometime, you've visited a site. And to see more content that stupid site asked you to register. And the registration system wont let you in unless you click on some activation link it sends to your mail. So, obvious solution is give some valid email address. But, you know what happens if the site is not genuine. Even if your email provider has very good spam protection you end-up having much spam.

I'll tell you about service named MyTrashMail. This site doesn't ask you for any registrations. I'll explain in 3 simple steps how you are going to use this service.

1. Go to some stupid site where you've to register
2. Give your email as
3. Just goto and enter 'somestupidname' in the big box provided there and just hit on "Get Email" button.
** Yes, No password. So anyone can read your email. Don't become over-intelligent and use this service for your personal emails too **
4. Now, never get spammed again by giving your original email address

** Well, I told you I'm not a celebrity to stick to my words !!! Thats just only one more point. Don't make it a big issue !!! **

Have Fun. If you like this tech-tip .. Uhmmm Like it !!! Otherwise .. Whenever you see the label "Tech Tip", you know what to do !!!

2 responses:

A Guy From * said...

I too use separate yahoo email id for registration to various sites. What's special about using Mytrashmail.

Karteek said...

When you join some companies like TCS, big web-based email providers like yahoo are blocked.


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