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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Spam ??? Kill it !!!

Well, in my previous techtip, I wrote about mytrashmail which actually is nothing but some fake email which always exist and you need not register. One of my friends told me that he uses a separate Yahoo! email account for such sort of cases. But, if one has to register twice in the same site where e-mail need to be unique, you can't use Yahoo! mail. There Mytrashmail can be of great help.

You might be getting one doubt. " Is nt there any service which we can use for those sites, and register N times with same email account ?" Well, the answer is positive. And its Gmail. It might be not be a famous feature of gmail, but its certainly the one which can make it unique. In gmail, the character '.' is not important when sending an email (Its important only when signing into gmail)

For example, my email address is karteek [dot] e [at] gmail [dot] com. I wrote it in that way just to make sure that spammer bots who search search engines for emails cant find it. (Well, lets be postitive and think that they can't find). Now, all these following email address bring email to my account only !!!

k.a.r.t.e.e.k.e [at] gmail [dot] com [at] gmail [dot] com etc etc

This is one feature which is not really useful and I dont know why its given by gmail guys.

Now, Second feature, a real ** KickAss ** feature. '+' can be appended to ur name in the email, and it still brings mail to you only. In plain words, if your email is .. then is also your email.

You can use the above feature to really findout which sites are actually spamming you or selling your emails to spammers. Or just which are useful for spammers to get your email.

Well, I'll be more clear. If I want to know whether giving my email address here in this blog can bring spam to me, i can write my email address is particular way, which will tell me that this blog is helping spammers (Well, obviously I wont sell my email to them). The way I will write my email address is ...

Now, whenever I get some mail to that email address, I can find that this blog is reason for that spam and I can simply add a filter to delete all mail sent to that email. And even if I want, I can complain to the admin of that site. With that feature, I feel like email must be called as Gmail ;)

Hope, this will be useful. As usual, if you dont like this, you know what to do !!!


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