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Saturday, November 18, 2006

That was close !!!

Man, That was close !!!

Friday, as usual, my friends started for home(Tirupati) which is three and half hours away from Madaras. I started from the place I stay in Madaras. I went outside in a very different mood. I was humming some song and was looking for auto. Finally, I found one guy and I asked him whats the fare to Central Bus Stand. He couldn't understand whether I've to go to Central (Railway Station) or Bus Stand. I told him Bus stand and he was not ready to go there. Found another guy .. who demanded 100 bucks for *insert less than symbol here* 60 buck fare (Here, I wanted to type less than symbol. But, there is a bug in blogger beta, which is actually removing all the words after 60 if I type that. Being a very good guy, I've just reported blogger guys. Dunno, when they will fix the bug). And my humming mood was gone and economy mode of my brain started working. I asked for 70 bucks and he accepted for 80. Its high, even then .. couldn't do anything

Well, Nothing was close up to now. Yea yeah, I've habit of typing some stupid stuff before coming to the topic. Can't help it. Its some contagious disease I got from bollywood movies. I met my friends there at Bus Stand and we had to choose very uncomfortable Tamil Nadu buses (seats suck in them, especially for a tall guy like me) As we entered bus, there were many seats empty. We wanted to take some seat in middle to be safe from jerks the bus give. There were 3 girls sitting on on 3rd row and as I don't want to go to back, I told my friends that we will take 4th row, but, one of my friends wanted to sit in 5th row. As it doesn't make any difference we went for the 5th row.

Yeah, I know nothing is close up to now. Common, you need some patience !!! Then .. after chatting for few hours, we tried to sleep (as it was already 1.00 AM) The bus was pretty uncomfortable. But, friends are very close. They adjusted some how, I kept my head on one guy and legs on another guy. At around 2.15 AM. I heard one word very loud "PORIKKI" (Yeah, double K, not the Telugu flick. Its Tamil word to *praise* people who does indecent things. One of those girls in 3rd was shouting at the guy who was sitting in 4th row. She was blaming him that that guy is .. using his hand to do something bad !!! All of us were shocked !!! And the *most-shocking* thing was .. even that guy was shocked !!! He don't know when he did that. Conductor came and he started bashing that guy and left after giving him enough. She happy went into deep sleep back again. This guy was shocked and was very upset. It must be the cool breeze which made her think like that. One can't even keep a finger through the gap there. I wonder how this guy can keep hand !!!

If that guy was really doing that, he deserve the bashing. Otherwise, THANK GOD !! We were not sitting there. That was close !!! It was really a very good decision to leave that row. Friends, when ever you are travelling in a bus, and if you have chance, try to avoid sitting behind girls. Its really dangerous for health ;) People won't even believe you. They will just think that girls never LIE !!! And guys never tell truth !!! (even though they are guys)

Well, now tell me, wasn't it close ???

3 responses:

Nikky said...

lolzzz...nice (Y)!

A Guy From * said...

Learned a lot in a journey! 5th row is better than 4th row. [:)]

God gone CraZy said...

thanks anna...manchi salaha icchavu...


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