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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

What's better than two ? Three !!!

Well, whats better way to start a blog than starting it with two birthdays ?
Three Birthdays !!! (Yeah, this is a copied thingy from ..... the topic of this post :P ... or some TV program of some kid's channel)

Today is birthday of my childhood friend CN !

If I want to write about that guy, I can finish in one single line ... THIS IDIOT IS NOT IN CONTACT WITH ME !!

This guy was my school friend, later became college mate. This guy is now absconding !!

He looks like a giant with a smiley face. Looks(Tries to) sweet. Sounds kiddish. If any of you people find some huge guy with these characteristics, please report me here.

Dear CN, where ever you are, please come back. I ll give you all the chocolates which I've stolen from you in third class (Yea, yeah, when you were trying to save them from me by keeping them in your mouth, I've stolen them and kept in my bag). Please come back !!!

By the way, Mr. CN, Happy Birthday !!!

* Note: Not intended as sarcasm. If its not funny, please click here *

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