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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Feeling Secure ???

Feeling secure while browsing internet at office.

When you are browsing any site, you've to remember that you are doing that only through your service provider. As long as it is not illegal, he wont mind. But, what if its illegal ? And what if your service provider is your company ? Reading non-official email might not be a crime/illegal in your country. But, if its against your company policies, don't you think that you are breaking its rules "accessing your non-official email" through some proxy. Which might make you look *elite* to your colleagues. But, you are doing nothing other than a CRIME !!!

Yeah, this class won't stop some people from still accessing the content. But, this threat might stop them. Yes, a threat !!! What ever you access through your office, it MIGHT be readable by your network administrator. Login to your email, he might be reading your mail for you ;) Chat using meebo, he can read every IM you send to your friends. Blame your boss, every word can be recorded.

All I suggest is .. just don't forget the fact that you are SPIED !!! And make sure that what you never use any of your personal accounts at office. As long as your admin is good, its ok. He is evil and intelligent, he can do many things. And it will be added advantage, if you are stupid to use office network for your personal purpose. 

** Not intended to be too techie, so, no techniques are explained. 
Will certainly tell what happens if I get loads of time to explain **

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Bug Me Not !!!

I'm sure that everyone who uses internet must have gone through this situation. You find some page on google while searching for something. And you want to view it .. or may be you want to download something from that website. You click on the link and it will take you to registration page. Unless you register there, you cant view stuff there.

Some very normal people register with their *everyday* email
Some normal people register with their *specially created for these sites* email
Some beyond the obvious people register with their *10 minute mail or mytrashmail* email
Last and never the least, some a way too beyond the obvious people just get a login from and use it !!!

Bugmenot is a service, where users share their login information just to make sure that other users are not bugged by websites to register themselves there.

I'm sure that this techtip is NOT great but it will help you when you are really bugged by those websites !!!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Unfairness is always a part of life !!!

Well, Philosophy ain't a favorite topic of mine. But, some times, few stories DO change you a lot. Atleast for a day or two. When I was at Hyderabad, I was completely upset about things happening around me. At that time, my project team mate told me one story. A story which made me think for a while and feel relaxed. My hatred for the community was gone in two minutes. There are few characters in the story. A crocodile, a boy, a rabbit, birds, snake etc etc., No more dragging .. I ll tell you the story.

** Grammar gurus, please spare me **

Once, a crocodile gets stuck in net of a hunter. Croc sees a kid going on the river bank. So, it begs kid to release it. But, kid is intelligent enough to understand that its a dangerous animal. So, he tells it that he cant do that coz, if he release it, it might catch him and kill him. But, croc plays innocent and it assures kid that it wont kill him. So, kid goes to the croc and tries to help it out. When the croc is half out, it think that its completely out and catches kid's leg.

The kid starts feeling very bad, and tells that its not fair to catch him even after promising. As the croc is still half caught in the net, it doesn't kill the kid. Then, kid tells the sad story to few birds on the tree of that bank and begs them to help him out. Birds, after listening to that story tell the kid, "We work so hard for total year to build our nest and we keep eggs in it. And a snake crawls up and eat them and sometimes humans come and cut down the tree. No one was there for us to help. Kid, solve your problem by yourself. Unfairness is always a part of life." Kid begs few animals living around to help him out. But, no animal helps him.

Then he finds a rabbit coming forward to help him. Rabbit comes near the croc. And the greedy croc while trying to catch the rabbit, leaves the kid. Kid runs back to his village, get few men and gets the croc killed. While coming back from the village, his dog also follows him. When his dog, after seeing the rabbit, runs after it and kills it before the boy could catch the dog and save the rabbit.

Boy gets a bad feeling ... and he remembers the words of birds and other animals .. "Unfairness is always a part of life"

** End of Story **

Well, just remember that "Unfairness is always a part of life". When someone breaks a promise, don't blame them .. It might be their only choice. When someone cheats you, don't blame them .. It might be their only livelihood. When something goes wrong, don't blame anyone ... ITS LIFE !!!

It can't be life .. if its perfect !!! 

Thursday, December 7, 2006

Oh !!! F*** !!!

Long time, ain't it ??

Yeah, been bit busy with life. Went to Hyderabad for few days. Came back to Madaras and had to attend cousin's wedding. So, obvious result is loads to blog and no computer. Well, will start with one of the never-ending saga of weird stories that happen in my life.

Going to the Scene ...

Sunday, Dec 03, 2006 8.35 PM @ Hyderabad Airport

I went to Hyderabad after long time. ** almost 9 months ** Dint meet my close buds in that time. So, I wanted to spend as much time as possible with them. So, I was trying to squeeze out much time. Result is that I reached airport just 20 minutes before take off. As per rules, issue of boarding pass will be stopped before 15 minutes. A guy was waiting outside and was hurrying every passenger of Paramount airways. (Even, I heard that name for the first time, so lite !!) Anyways .. I took my boarding pass thinking that I must be the last idiot to take boarding pass. Just 2 minutes later, I saw my team mate entering for security check. Well, yeah, I'm not the last !!!

Sunday, Dec 03, 2006 8.45 PM @ Hyderabad Airport

My team mate was intelligent enough to choose seat number online itself. But, I wasn't. I entered flight with an innocent face which I try to carry every where ;) I reached my seat and kept my hand luggage in the space over my head. I was looking forward for the person to come who will be sitting in the seat next to me. One pretty chick came there and she was looking at my next seat. The very thought in my mind was ... "Man!!!! How can this happen ??? I never get pretty babes to sit next to me. Woot !!! This travel is going to be great !!!!" After few seconds, My mind came to normal disappointed state when I saw that chick sitting in my back seat. Argh !!!! Yes, this never happens with me. Then, a lungi guy came next to me. And I started praying .. Not him .. not him ... !! Well, you know my luck. There was enough space in the luggage compartment next to my bag to keep his plastic cover. But, the great Madarasi just pushed by bag and kept his cover in that place. Wow!! How come these guys get those ideas ???

Well, this is not everything. Real story starts now. Like a descent passenger, he switched his BOTH mobiles off. When the flight is on the runway, air-hostess came to us offering chocolates. I took one chocolate and was looking at that pretty chick. This lungi guy took around 15-20 chocolates when it was my turn to stare at him and that air-hostess joined me in a very short weird look at that guy. He kept all those chocolates in his pocket and I started thinking about how pathetic this travel is going to be ..

Sunday, Dec 03, 2006 9.10 PM @ Somewhere in Air

After take off, we got our dinner. Quantity was very less. But, I took much time to have it coz that lungi guy was making weird sounds while eating. All of a sudden, I heard sound of spoons falling down. Well, his spoon was in his hand only. But, I couldn't see his knife and fork. He moved quickly before that sound. After 2 minutes, he kept a cover with fork and knife in the pouch !!!! I couldn't believe that a guy who is sitting in Business class of a flight stealing knife and fork !!!!! Well, he looked at me as if nothing happened. I was counting seconds .. !! I want that journey to end as fast as possible. And I wanted to take photo of that guy !!!

Sunday, Dec 03, 2006 9.45 PM @ Madaras Airport

Well, it was the time. Flight landed at Madaras and I wanted to make sure that he had stolen knife and fork. I took my bag and started monitoring his movements. He took his plastic bag down and kept it on the seat and he took the small cover with fork and knife from the pouch and he just slipped that small cover in to his big plastic bag. Man, that was professional !!! He had NO guilt in his face !!! They way he kept them in the pouch tells that he dint do that coz of his ignorance. God !!! Enough spice in my life. I don't want to see any of those type.

I ran to my team mate as soon as I got down from the flight. After I told this story to him, it was his turn to take a weird look at that guy.


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