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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Feeling Secure ???

Feeling secure while browsing internet at office.

When you are browsing any site, you've to remember that you are doing that only through your service provider. As long as it is not illegal, he wont mind. But, what if its illegal ? And what if your service provider is your company ? Reading non-official email might not be a crime/illegal in your country. But, if its against your company policies, don't you think that you are breaking its rules "accessing your non-official email" through some proxy. Which might make you look *elite* to your colleagues. But, you are doing nothing other than a CRIME !!!

Yeah, this class won't stop some people from still accessing the content. But, this threat might stop them. Yes, a threat !!! What ever you access through your office, it MIGHT be readable by your network administrator. Login to your email, he might be reading your mail for you ;) Chat using meebo, he can read every IM you send to your friends. Blame your boss, every word can be recorded.

All I suggest is .. just don't forget the fact that you are SPIED !!! And make sure that what you never use any of your personal accounts at office. As long as your admin is good, its ok. He is evil and intelligent, he can do many things. And it will be added advantage, if you are stupid to use office network for your personal purpose. 

** Not intended to be too techie, so, no techniques are explained. 
Will certainly tell what happens if I get loads of time to explain **

4 responses:

A Guy From * said...

I want to be admin so that I can sniff all the messages! [:)]

Rules may be there in companies but we people can't live with out breaking them.

God gone CraZy said...

boss...come up with some new post...enti appude bore kottesinda???

Transformable said...

Hey.. may i know what happens.. if he can copy our cache and the url's are displayed are in spanish or french...

God gone CraZy said...

Boss...u still f#&*^$# with feeling secure...come up with something new dude


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