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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Unfairness is always a part of life !!!

Well, Philosophy ain't a favorite topic of mine. But, some times, few stories DO change you a lot. Atleast for a day or two. When I was at Hyderabad, I was completely upset about things happening around me. At that time, my project team mate told me one story. A story which made me think for a while and feel relaxed. My hatred for the community was gone in two minutes. There are few characters in the story. A crocodile, a boy, a rabbit, birds, snake etc etc., No more dragging .. I ll tell you the story.

** Grammar gurus, please spare me **

Once, a crocodile gets stuck in net of a hunter. Croc sees a kid going on the river bank. So, it begs kid to release it. But, kid is intelligent enough to understand that its a dangerous animal. So, he tells it that he cant do that coz, if he release it, it might catch him and kill him. But, croc plays innocent and it assures kid that it wont kill him. So, kid goes to the croc and tries to help it out. When the croc is half out, it think that its completely out and catches kid's leg.

The kid starts feeling very bad, and tells that its not fair to catch him even after promising. As the croc is still half caught in the net, it doesn't kill the kid. Then, kid tells the sad story to few birds on the tree of that bank and begs them to help him out. Birds, after listening to that story tell the kid, "We work so hard for total year to build our nest and we keep eggs in it. And a snake crawls up and eat them and sometimes humans come and cut down the tree. No one was there for us to help. Kid, solve your problem by yourself. Unfairness is always a part of life." Kid begs few animals living around to help him out. But, no animal helps him.

Then he finds a rabbit coming forward to help him. Rabbit comes near the croc. And the greedy croc while trying to catch the rabbit, leaves the kid. Kid runs back to his village, get few men and gets the croc killed. While coming back from the village, his dog also follows him. When his dog, after seeing the rabbit, runs after it and kills it before the boy could catch the dog and save the rabbit.

Boy gets a bad feeling ... and he remembers the words of birds and other animals .. "Unfairness is always a part of life"

** End of Story **

Well, just remember that "Unfairness is always a part of life". When someone breaks a promise, don't blame them .. It might be their only choice. When someone cheats you, don't blame them .. It might be their only livelihood. When something goes wrong, don't blame anyone ... ITS LIFE !!!

It can't be life .. if its perfect !!! 

2 responses:

A Guy From * said...

Life can not be perfect because there is no perfect meaning of perfect.

God gone CraZy said...

A fruit ripens by the passing day and a man...wiser...better leave the past back rather than justify it...dont carry the weight forward when u can leave it...

~U Know who~
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