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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day !!!

Broken Arrow Hearts are broken every day. It reaches maximum on one single day. That day is celebrated is called as "Valentine's Day". Yeah, I'm single .. but just because, all arrows are not strong enough to pierce. The arrow which I shot is broken. Even then, I'm not writing this as a guy who belive in L.i.E(Love is Evil) coz, I aint a love-hater. But, I'm just against people who earn loads of money on the name of "love".

The primary motive behind this stupid Broken Heart's day is .. nothing but money .. money .. more money. Some people who earn those $$$ are

1. Greeting card companies
2. Florists
3. Bakery Guys
4. Who sell .. cute and cuddly teddy bears
5. Restaurants & resorts
6. Nevertheless .. condom company guys (Thanks for the info @ Deepu. He has statistics also, which I wasn't interested in knowing)
7. Many other guys, about whom I've no idea about

Believe it or not, Valentine's days is the second biggest season for greeting card guys after Christmas. Just on the name of "love", people are wasting so much of money on Greeting cards, Flowers, Jewellery, Soft toys, chocoloates etc etc.

Yeah, I know that, their love is soooo special and they want to celebrate it like anything. Even now, I'm not against celebrations. I'm just against the methods of celebrations. When your love is so special, why dont you do something great, or atleast something good along with your valentine rather than freaking out in a pub or a resort ??

Just, take your valentine to an orphanage, let her give some chocolates to the kids there or go to some oldage home and give some clothes to them. Anything, that can help people who NEED HELP. Why can't people give 50% of the money that they spend on these cards or gifts to some charity. When your love is soooooooo great, is your lover not that great to understand that .. you preferred helping some needy people rather giving her an expensive gift ??? If she can't understand that you care for her and the society, do you need her ??? Valentine's day is to surprise your loved ones by letting them know that you care for them. Not to give them expensive gifts !!!

And last but not least .. for the media .. why the hell are you giving so much hype to Valentine's day ??? ** points rediff ** There are sooo many ads on valentine's day. Do you love your valentine ? Tell us how much you do !!

God, if I love my valentine .. why should I TELL YOU ?????? I thought, there might be some people who really want to tell how do they love their valentine and checked the replies. I cant believe that, people are trying to find instant girl friends online. One convo on rediff ..

Manjunath : I doesn't have any girlfriend, anybody girls want to my friend.
Ritu : Can i be ur friend

In this age of fast food, now, I see girls offering fast friendship and guys asking for faster love !!!
After few hours, they exchange phone numbers, the next day they meet, guy gives an expensive gift to show that he cares, they spend the evening happily .. and what after that ????

Same old story. Hearts are broken every day. It reaches maximum on one single day. That day is celebrated is called as "Valentine's Day".

Guys, don't waste money on these type of Days !!! After all ... its yet another habit .. we imported from the West. Valentine's day is NOT our culture. It does n't mean that we should nt celebrate it. Just .. celebrate it in our style. Dont waste money. India is not as rich as West to waste money :)

PS: Let me make clear once again. I'm not against valentine's day. But, it certainly is kinda stupid when you are single. Who knows, I might have given a diamond pendant if I had a girl friend. After all, I'm also an Indian.

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trueliar said...

Yes. Exactly. I agree with you. A good one to be notified by every valentine.


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