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Friday, February 16, 2007

Trip de Ooty rocked !!!

Ooty Trip !!! Well, our ooty trip rocked !!! I loved each and every place on the hill. Especially suicide spot was awsome !!! Check the picture for our team picture on Ooty hills.

Well, yeah .. you are correct, thats a blank picture. Our ooty trip rocked in our dreams. Out of 11 people who are supposed to catch 9.00 PM train, only 8 managed to arrive at station before that. Remaining 3 had some office work and and thanks to Chennai traffic, they managed to reach only after 9 !!

The brighter side of the trip is .. I came to know that Indian Railways became damn punctual !!! Atleast on departure side. The train started moving exactly at 9.00 !!!

Man, it was an utter disappointment as I was dreaming to enjoy those great moments with team at Ooty. But, had to maintain a smiling face, so that my team mates wont feel bad that I was disappointed too. Well, it was great experience. Artificial smiles that can make your friends smile ... are also great. Life rocks. I learned something new today. Smile .. even when you are disappointed. The disappointment will be disappointed and .. will leave you in disappointment ;)

Well, dont try to understand ... that was some crap .. which I hardly understood. So, obvious .. you might not ;)

Well, I ll get back to my great life. Once again ... jhor se bolo .. "Ooty Rockedd !!!"

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