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Friday, February 9, 2007

Russell Peters !!!

[Somebody gonna get hurt real bad]

Name of that guy is Russell Peters. He is a Indian-Canadian comedian. He is gemini-award winning comedian and that tells that his comedy is certified ;) He primarily focuses on cultural backgrounds from Indians to Italians, from Chinese to Canadians.

[Serty fie dollars, noooooooooooooooo i can't do serty dollar, i sell to you serty dollar today, tomorrow i clo down
I give you best price, serty foe feefty]

[I wanted to break up with her. I woke up one morning, I looked at her. I was like .. "Yo, go make me some breakfast. I thought for sure .. ".
"What do you want ?"
"Two eggs. One boiled. One fried."
"I went downstairs and she did it!! What do you do man !!! Oh .. You screwed it .. You boiled the wrong egg !!!!" ]

Btw, you must be wondering, what the hell are those lines in those brackets. They are just some quotes from shows of Russell Peters. When you've nothing to do. And you feel like laughing out for a whole. I suggest you watching videos of that guy. Just check out google videos or youtube for some videos.

** Satisfaction Guaranteed **

For the lazy asses sitting out there, here are the links for searching YouTube and Google.

YouTube ->
Google ->

[Hey we're all gonna be mixing sooner or later......Yeah, if u get a chic from Phillipines and a guy from Holland you'll get a Hollapino. A French guy hooks up with a Greek girl, we get 'freaks'. A guy from Iceland and a girl from Cuba, we get lil 'ice cubes']

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