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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Deceiving the blue billion :-(

I was watching world cup match between India and Bangladesh. Well, you know what I'm going to write now. It's nothing but a complaint, one very big complaint. It's not a complaint against Indian team; it's not a complaint against any Indian player. It's against us; you, me and every other Indian who loves cricket.

It's good to love anything. But anything in excess is very bad. Just is the craze for cricket in India. I saw people doing poojas. I read in news papers that some people are doing yagnas. Same people are throwing stones on ad-boards and burning posters of their cricket super heroes. No wonder, there are many hopes for the country that our team will bring home … The Cup. Pressure on our team is building up so much that, I think if I were in any of their positions; I would be running away from this world to save myself from these cricket maniacs.

Okay, enough complaints against us. Now, I want to write something about companies which are playing with our passions/sentiments/etc. Some cool drink guys are giving India … India ads in India and Pakistan … Pakistan ads in Pakistan. Same company wants India to win the cup and Pakistan to win the cup. One mobile network is telling to wish Sachin Tendulkar so that you can get a 'Thank You' call from Mr. Tendulkar. Some cool drink guys are making half the team to run for their bottle, and make them see some crazy fans shouting India … India. When that team can't even fight for a bottle of drink from Indian fans, how can it fight for The Cup from all those teams and their fans?

Every company supporting Indian team is doing that for money. Every guy in the team playing there is for popularity which in return will bring Ads and money from those companies. Any average Indian fan is getting nothing except but one big depression. Companies, media, team management and last but not least, The Team is doing nothing but deceiving the blue billion.

Well, as one of them, I can do nothing except … wish them good luck. Guys, please win the cup, it will bring you more popularity, more ads, more money. You need not do that for the country. We are idiots who think that you are doing that for us, even though we see doing you more ads than playing good cricket.

If the match is played on a pitch named deception, each one of you will score a century !!!

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