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Sunday, April 1, 2007

Fool’s Day !!!

Good Eveninggggggggggggggggggggg Junta,

Welcome to the Fool's Paradise. I know that whoever reads this might not read on an evening, even then, I wrote Good Evening. Yeah, I understood your question. You were asking "Any reasons behind that?" Well, Yeah. There is one big reason. I'm a fool … just like everyone else here in this world.

Don't wonder. That's true. According to Google, fool is a person who lacks good judgment or a guy who neglects and despises what relates to salvation. No doubts about it, we lack good judgment. There are many guys fooling around you every day. Either you just don't care or you don't know that he is fooling around you. Every one of us get so many mails about so many things, we just don't apply our brain and forward them to another bunch of people. Some intelligent folks among us understand that it's a crap mail and they don't care to tell the guys who believe it to be truth !!!

I'm pasting one of my friend's forward here, which really makes some meaning.

I want to thank all my friends
Because of your

I stopped drinking Coca-Cola after I found out that it's good only for removing toilet stains.

I stopped going to the movies for fear of sitting on a needle infected with AIDS

I smell like a wet dog since I stopped using deodorants because they cause cancer.

I also stopped answering the phone for fear that they may ask me to dial a stupid number and then I get a phone bill from hell with calls to Uganda ,Singapore and Tokyo.

I also stopped drinking water outside for fear that I will get sick from the rat shit and urine.

When I go to parties, I don't look at any girl, no matter how hot she is, for fear that she will take me to a hotel, drug me, then take my kidneys and leave me taking a nap in a bathtub full of ice.

I also donated all my savings to the Amy Bruce account. A sick girl that was about to die in the hospital about 7,000 times. (Poor girl! she's been 7 since 1993...)

My free Nokia phone never arrived and neither did the free passes for a paid vacation to Disneyland.

Made some Hundred wishes before forwarding those Dalai Lama, Ganesh Vandana,Tirupathi Balaji pics etc..

Now most of those "Wishes" are already married (to someone else)!!!! and m still waitin 4 that gud newz............although got some other gud newz which waz nt gud 4 me

You can add your own notes based on your similar experience and send them to your friends.


If you do not send this e-mail to at least 913760 people in the next 10 seconds,a bird will shit on your head today at 6:30 p.m.

Give me a break!!

"The World Is Filled WIth Foolish Ppl And Some Think They Got Talent Too !!!"

No wonder, we are fools either by our knowledge or someone else making us fools without our knowledge. I don't think that I've to tell about our cricketers, their sponsors, etc … who make are fooling around us every damn day. Sachin is telling that he will call you back if you SMS him luck – brought to you by Reliance and Sachin bought by reliance to get your luck. Hi, this is Dravid on Hutch phone to fool around you. SRK loves Pepsi … so what ass? Act in the Pepsi ad without taking any money from them, I'll believe that you'll love Pepsi.

Never mind all my crap. I just wanted to tell this to you guys.`

"April 1st is not the only Fool's Day. We are fooled by some damn money-makers, our superstars, our cricket stars, fellow fools and many others every damn day"

By the way. Happy Birthday Rish !!!

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