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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Good Morning India !!!

Cricket is such a wonderful game. India lost to Sri Lanka in world cup league match and total India is disappointed. Well, total 'average cricket crazy' population is disappointed but not everyone. Real lovers of cricket are supposed to be happy for the result. Yeah, I've my own silly but logical explanation. Here it goes.

Some key points to be noted

  1. India's defeat will be big loss in market for ICC, media everyone
  2. Woolmer is dead – Police are running behind bookies, sub-continent players
  3. Many people were thinking India wont loose coz of the big market share
  4. Even now Bermuda can win over Bangladesh and still India can come to second spot

Well, here is my explanation for yesterday's result. People were mailing/texting/telling me that India won't lose coz of the complications in the market and bookies will make sure that India won't lose and result in huge loss of money. But, it happened. India lost!!! Their guesses were wrong. No bookie could do any magic there. Reason was Woolmer's murder. Jamaican cops were keeping track of sub-continent players especially Indians, Lankans and Pakis. If anyone tries to do now with those teams, they will certainly in big trouble. So, yesterday's result was a true result.

But, there may be another version of the same story. Yesterday's match might be fixed too. Reason, people were thinking NO ONE will dare to lose such huge market, so certainly one or other will make sure that India will win. And betting's on India were very high. India's defeat will certainly bring in more money and market can be fixed with Bangladesh and Bermuda match. Bookies may try to fix Bangladesh and Bermuda match as they are smaller teams and it won't make much difference as cops are not behind those teams.

So, if Bangladesh wins over Bermuda, then it must be the time when every cricket lover must celebrate. No bookies, no fixing, everything is going normal. Such a true and wonderful game of cricket is not spoiled by market. I'm an Indian and I'm a cricket lover. I won't mind as long as the deserving team wins. Any team might win over India in cricket, but they certainly can't beat India in the number of cumulative ads they act in.

East of West, Team India is the Best (in ads)

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