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Thursday, March 22, 2007

I’m going to sound techie !!!

Good evening Junta. My teamies call me geek (even though I hate it when they call me geek, coz I've bigger and better life other than being a techie freak). I don't want to sound really geeky but I want my friends to know some important things about technology. So, I'm writing something here. It's not a big thing but in the same time it's not a small thing too. Whether it's a small error or a big error who would care? There is an error and it's a bad thing. Well, I'm not going to write any codes or real exploit here coz it's not good to write them. But, yeah, I'm going to explain what's wrong and what could be done with that.

At office we guys use Lotus Domino as our mail server. I guess they use Lotus Domino R6. And in our office Internet Explorer is suggested browser for browsing purpose. Well, these are pre-requisites for the bug. Ooh Yeah, I'm going to write about one bug in our MAIL SERVICE !!!

  • He should use webmail. Yes, not Lotus Notes (failure at first step. But, there are people who use webmail)
  • He has to use Internet Explorer (checked, as its default browser given/available)
  • He has to open mail and click on the attachment which is an Image (checked, coz most probably people will do is try to open their attachments, which are specially images)
  • He shouldn't close your browser or logout as soon as he clicks on that attachment(OPTION varies from person to person)
  • He has to stupid enough to be fooled (OPTION still available. Fill whatever you want to fill)

Well, if those five pre-requisites are true then we'll play our hack here. There is a bug in IE that it will parse scripts of specially crafted images i.e. if there is JavaScript in an image file IE will run the JavaScript. But, there is not good thing about that bug. IE won't parse the script if image is embedded in html file. It will parse only if you try to open image directly in the browser (Here, all professional mails like Gmail, yahoo, hotmail pass and our Lotus Domino webmail fail) I guess you got the bug now. I'm going to send a JavaScript disguised as an image which the victim will open thinking as if it's just an image.

In that JavaScript, I'll redirect to my server along with cookie details of your login and an image from my server is served to the user so that he won't get any suspicion. The script in my server will use the cookie details sent and logs into your mail box and reads every email in your email box. Did I mention … that it's going to read your mails? YES, I mentioned it. You are officially hacked if you've opened that attachment and dint recognize that XSS (Cross Site Scripting) bug.

I know that it sounds little techie, but just can't help it coz, it is little serious issue. I'll try to take it forward to respective group and get it fixed. Well, if you want to know one solution for the problem, here is the solution. When you are in your office, please use Lotus Notes rather than webmail and if you are outside where no one is there to restrict you, please use Firefox !!!

- कार्तीक (By the way, this a cool option in new blogger. Type in English, it will convert to Hindi. Check your dashboard for the option)

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Satya said...

Very interesting. Good Work Karteek. It is very exciting to know some technical stuff from karteek because if we ask him anything about tech,...he always says, refer


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