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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Innovations in Democracy !!!

You must be thinking what could be innovative in democracy. Well, yeah, it happens only in India. As per some great guy, India is a vibrant, chaotic and rambunctious democracy. One of the characteristics of democracy is electing their leaders. One incident happened in a South Indian state Andhra Pradesh which was very much innovative in filtering deceivers.

Here is the version I read in news paper. Political parties are having a new problem that their guys might be cross-voting to the opposition party guys. So, they started killing democracy by keeping an agent in the booth, to check every vote before it was dropped into the ballot box. In that method, they made sure that none of their party guys are cross-voting for their competitors. Well, not just that use, they started counting votes and declaring themselves as winners as soon as the elections are over even before official counting was started.

Well, it's one of the greatest innovations in election procedures (other than rigging, stealing ballot boxes) followed in India. Well, may be election procedures are battered more in some other places (Hint : United States)

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trueliar said...

Yes,I observe the voting for MLC's always happens in the same way. I dont know why EC won't give much importance to these elections. If they are not important, why do they conduct...just waste of money....


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