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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Internet Zindabad !!!

Well, for those downloaders up there. Here are some links for music. is a nice site. They have loads of Indian as well as Pakistani music. One small tip while downloading stuff from :-D Just follow the song link on the browser. Go one step up the folder in the url. You'll get links to all the songs of that album. Eg: If you get as the link, just strip that kalh10( and go to the folder and leech all of them ;)

Well ... in very small letters ... Piracy DownDown and in big letters Internet Zindabad

2 responses:

heroofnellore said...

Really cool stuff...collection of songs is good...especially Ragav's ROCKSSS...

Monu Joy said...

Will give it a shot...keep em tech tips coming kingji...


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