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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A Journey into Ubuntu !!!

I use to be biased towards to linux when I use to use my desktop. But, after I started using a lappy more than a desktop, I was very happy with my Windows XP. Yes, the word is "happy" with adjective "very" and the person typing is "Me" and its about "Windows"

I was looking forward for Vista on my lappy for a change, but I was little hesitant about taking the decision of moving to Vista, when I wasn't actually able to find one good review about it. And, many of the users are willing to keep XP on their computers than Vista.

Well, I had one -bad- opinion on linux in my mind that it's not suitable for Laptops. May be that was the reason that kept me away from installing Linux on my laptop for more than three months !!! One of my net-friends, told me that Ubuntu is pretty good that it's a very good distro even if it's for a lappy. And I read some where that even Mr. Micheal Dell is using the same on his personal laptop.

I took the decission that I'll install Kubuntu (Ubuntu with KDE as its Window Manager. Reason : I hate GNOME). I downloaded it, burned it on a CD and booted my laptop with it. Btw, I forgot to tell you that, I tried USB Slax Killbill on my lappy which was decent but, as its not recommended to install it, I stayed away from it. But, for a less than 200 MB File, IT ROCKED !!!

Well, the CD was rotating, something was loaded, and it started some services and I'm supposed to see linux running (as Ubuntu is a Live CD itself). But, I ended up in a black screen where nothing was happening. So, I went to console and tried starting kde by myself, and ended up with an error on my screen. My heart was broken that the --so-called-- best distro now could'nt even start on my lappy. Good thing was I had a desktop next to me, and I started searching on google for possible reasons. The reason was that bloody ATI video card, which doesn't have decent linux drivers (I din't knew before buying my laptop, otherwise my decision would've certainly changed !!!)

I found a step by step procedure for installing Ubuntu on Dell Inspiron 6400 and it was my guide for the installation. But, first step itself was a *duh* factor for me. He was telling about installation with Alternate CD when I've downloaded Desktop CD and burned it. Being so stubborn and after knowing problems, I thought, I'll fix by distro with the hints of that guy.

I've enabled Internet Connection Sharing on my desktop, connected my lappy to it and booted the CD again. I downloaded ATI drivers, installed them, got GUI and installed Ubuntu on my lappy successfully.  Once I rebooted my lappy, as I knew, ATI drivers were absent, so, I had to repeat same procedure again to get it working. Then, I thought to try the *so called* best eyecandy desktop manager Beryl on my lappy even though, I've that stupid ATI video card on my lappy.  For my, happiness, the same guy gave instructions to do that on those using Xgl. Well, I ended up in some troubles, but fixing them one by one, I finally did it.

Well, the output was one of the sexiest desktops I've ever seen. It looks damn sleek and damn sexy with so much of flexibility in looks. Ubuntu is just not good, but it really rocks if its in good hands and if those hands know how to use Google.

Thanks to Ubuntu team for creating such a cool distro. Thanks to my best friend Google for indexing the required pages. Thanks to the guy at Ubuntu Forums for the simple step by step tutorial. Thanks to AMD for such crappy support for ATI on Linux and increasing my patience and letting me know that I've to suggest Nvidia to my friends from now on. Thanks to such sexy looks of Beryl for making me feel like writing about my Journey into Ubuntu or rephrasing it as A Journey of Ubuntu into my heart ;)

For guys, who wants to decide what to install, here is the video of war between Vista and Ubuntu

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