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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

V.Tech :(

* One phsycho with couple of guns.
* "Ismael Ax" written on his arm.
* Some flickr photo telling that he wanted to call him Ismael.
* Thousands of blogs discussing meaning of of those two words.
* Thousands of people googling and trying to crack that code.
* Two Indians dead.
* Thousands of people rushing to Indian student's orkut page and scrapping the DEAD person their condolences (as if she is going to read it from heaven) Another stupid thousands scrapping ONE LIVING person with same name who is from Mumbai their deep condolences.
* And that stupid girl still not willing to change her name in orkut (atleast to tell those guys that she is alive).
* Some idiots fighting in rediff that its all because of Bush (as if he is the only president of USA who allowed GUNS).
* Some idiots in rediff fighting that professor shouldn't be given that much respect as he never took his parents to USA and expressed his love.
* Psycho's parents are shocked to know that their son did all the mess.

In all those, I'm just wondering why wasn't such a big media hype when some bloody psychos blasted trains in Mumbai and killed hundreds of people ???

Different people, different worries. Day after 2morrow everyone will forget this and go back to their work. A month later even V.Tech will forget this. The only people who might remember this for longer time are victim's relations.

Just because of one psycho's actions, so many dreams shattered, so many lives affected. All, I can do is feel sad and bad for the victims and forget all these in a week and worry about something else.

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