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Saturday, May 12, 2007

My Seven Deadly Sins

I was checking my teamie Monu's blog and saw some quiz link there. It was about seven deadly sins. Which one is going to send me to the real HELL from this hell. Here are the results.


Take the Seven Deadly Sins Quiz

After taking the challenge, I can see that I've loads of Pride, which I already knew, and I couldn't understand what does Sloth mean. Immediate search in Yahoo told me that it means "disinclination to work". Damn, does it mean that I'm lazy ??? _NoComments_

Thursday, May 10, 2007

What’s happening to my best friend???

What will you do if you best friend who was a very good guy turns out to be very evil? And there is only one choice left to you. Leave him. You can't do anything more than that. Your friend is powerful. He won't change for you. If there is something to change, it's you.

Google was my best friend right from the day one I started to use it. "Don't be evil" was Google's motto and I loved it. But day by day, I can see that Google is getting weirder, power hungry and more or less a Big Brother day by day. It's collecting every track of me (a user) and sometimes even without my knowledge. Once I saw a feature named "History" in Google. It was storing every query of mine under my account if I'm logged in while searching. That feature scared me a little bit and I immediately cleared my queries (hope it really removed them from its database rather than just NOT showing them to me) and stopped the service. I trusted Google that it will stop keeping a track of my queries. Later I came to know that Google is keeping track of LOT MORE than just queries. I immediately went to my services and deleted the service "History". Later after a week, I saw a feature named bookmarks in Google where I can store bookmarks. As it's not a serious thing I wanted to use that service. I logged into my accounts and I was shocked to see that my HISTORY IS STILL BEING RECORDED. Just can't understand why an "opted-out" service was still there under my accounts still recording my queries. I disabled it again. Hope it won't start recording my history again.

I was using Google from last 8 years and I know many things about it. When I was cheated by such a service, which was NOT just a service but a friend in my mind, I could do nothing more than being shocked and wonder "What's happening to my best friend?"

Btw, just goto for stopping the services which might scare you.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Infosian protests

After posting previous blog entry, I had a chat with one of my friends who work for Infy. The chat went like this

My Friend: man and whats ur angst against infy?
My Friend: damn sucker getting us into the middle
Me: Are you talking about my blog ?
My Friend: yep urs
Me: Nopes
Me: it's only against rediff
My Friend: but it really makes fun of infy in a way
Me: No comments. But isn't it really done by rediff ?
Me: Murthy has gas problem. Tell us about how it smells !!! That could be one of rediff's headlines in future
Me: Any instant, there will be atleast one line about infy in rediff
Me: <- this is one of the headlines for today
My Friend: he hehe
My Friend: but still dont think infy pays for this

After this chat, I went to my blog to read whether I wrote that Infy pays rediff for that faltoo publicity. Well, I dint !!! I just left it to readers to understand what goes on behind the screens. And my dearest friend who is an Infosian ended up thinking that Infy "might not be" paying for that "Faltoo Publicity". Excuze moi, I meant those great articles.


I'm in _complaint_ mode today. I want to write a review on a site which publishes stupid reviews on movies. One site going down in its quality factor day by day !!!

Here is the talk show with the guy behind Rediff, Mr. Fully Faltoo CEO.

Me: Guys, Welcome to K World. Here, were have CEO of our own apna apna Indian website !!! Mr. Faltoo, we are so glad to have you in our studios. Lets start the talk show with introduction about ur company. (Well, no one needs an intro. Its Nasdaq: REDF)
Faltoo: Thanks one and all. Rediff is my brain child. I started it when India din't have much many portals for itself. Most of the idea was to start something for Indians where they can login and read anything and everything about India

Me: Mr. Faltoo, many of your users are complaining a lot that the number of ads are increasing a lot day by day. What are you comments on that sir ?
Faltoo: Hey, you've to understand that we are providing free service to you guys, we also need to earn money. With out ads we cant survive. There are not many ads on homepage. There is one popup, some ads on left side, some ads on right side, some ads on bottom. Thats it. See, top of the page don't have any ads. Actually we are innovating on ads too. We are one of the very first sites to start attracting users by voice ads too. When you are reading an article, our flash ads will make some different sounds so that you get really attracted. May be around 98% of users complain that it was annoying, but it was real good innovation. We innovate in our mail services, we give you unlimited space of mails so that you can save all the spam we mail you with other names.

Me: What are your comments on those stupid head lines on your site ?
Faltoo: Come on guys, those head lines rock. "Aishwarya weds Abhishek? What do you think ?" thats one of our headlines for past one month. See, the importance of it in the world. It so important that we need to collect people's opinion on their marriage. We innovated so much in this also. We posted videos of people who were opposing their marriage. We are one of the very first portals to show comments in videos !!! Even now, I think .. Aishwarya should marry Salman also next month so that we will collect more comments !!! May after that for even more comments she has to marry Vivek also !!!

Me: Sir, what are you comments on the relavence of your headlines. Headlines like, people are scrapping orkut profile of the killed girl at V.Tech.
Faltoo: See, there were around 500 scraps by the time we posted it as headline. With 24 hrs the scrap count went upto 30000 just because of our publicity. Our headline created so much of sympathy for the dead girl and people started scrapping orkut profiles of other girls with same name who are alive also !!! Our head lines are perfect. They are pretty much needed. Another headline "Murthy for president" created so much stir. The great guys of Infosys actually asked Mr. Kalam, whether murthy can be next president, thats another headline though. These type of headlines are so important to growing India. We almost decided next president using our headlines and our messageboards. Although some people in our message boards were asking to make Amitabh as president, which was next day's headline.

Me: Sir, what do you actually do after taking people's opinion ? Do you really follow up with respective authorities or people ?
Faltoo: No no no no. How can you expect that we do that. We just take opinions on everything. Our opinion message board is an another innovation. We created a separate platform for some many types of people. Spammers can spam their sites there. Racist people can show their racism there. Idiots can type all crap there. You can learn so much from our messageboards. They are really important to growing India.

Me: Whats relation between rediff and infosys ? Why do you guys post a lot about Nilekani or Narayanamurthy when there are so many other great people from Wipro, TCS, CTS, Satyam are there ????
Faltoo: Its simple. You've to use your common sense to understand whats the relation between Rediff and 2nd Biggest Indian Software company.

Me: What are your comments on those stupid movie reviews at your site?
Faltoo: Its again simple. If the rating is good. Don't go to movie. If its bad, then its a must watch movie. We are the guys who wrote Spiderman3 is bad even though its breaking so many records. We go according to our wallets not our hearts. I mean your wallets. I mean wallets of the guys who pay us. Ah, never mind. I guess you understand.

Me: Thank you very much Faltoo ji. Thanks for your time and great services from your company. Thank you very much.
Faltoo: Before I conclude, Let me suggest you some other good talkshows. Please watch "Narayanamurthy, The king of IT" on BBD channel on Thursday night 1 AM. Dont miss it. And this interview is sponsored by ! Folks, rediff gives you 1 email free for your spam, Go get it now !!!


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