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Thursday, May 10, 2007

What’s happening to my best friend???

What will you do if you best friend who was a very good guy turns out to be very evil? And there is only one choice left to you. Leave him. You can't do anything more than that. Your friend is powerful. He won't change for you. If there is something to change, it's you.

Google was my best friend right from the day one I started to use it. "Don't be evil" was Google's motto and I loved it. But day by day, I can see that Google is getting weirder, power hungry and more or less a Big Brother day by day. It's collecting every track of me (a user) and sometimes even without my knowledge. Once I saw a feature named "History" in Google. It was storing every query of mine under my account if I'm logged in while searching. That feature scared me a little bit and I immediately cleared my queries (hope it really removed them from its database rather than just NOT showing them to me) and stopped the service. I trusted Google that it will stop keeping a track of my queries. Later I came to know that Google is keeping track of LOT MORE than just queries. I immediately went to my services and deleted the service "History". Later after a week, I saw a feature named bookmarks in Google where I can store bookmarks. As it's not a serious thing I wanted to use that service. I logged into my accounts and I was shocked to see that my HISTORY IS STILL BEING RECORDED. Just can't understand why an "opted-out" service was still there under my accounts still recording my queries. I disabled it again. Hope it won't start recording my history again.

I was using Google from last 8 years and I know many things about it. When I was cheated by such a service, which was NOT just a service but a friend in my mind, I could do nothing more than being shocked and wonder "What's happening to my best friend?"

Btw, just goto for stopping the services which might scare you.

2 responses:

Anonymous said...

ek dum chindichor nikala re mama tumhara dosta....imaandaar bolke soch rahe the tere is dost ko...ekdum 3rd class admi bangaya...

Monu Joy said...

hmm....i always knew its important keep my tracks clean...i have only 2 services gmail and orkut...and with google's online versions against MS office, the online foot print will only increase...


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