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Sunday, June 24, 2007


Okay. I know what's going on in your head. You think I wrote a review to the movie Namesake. For hell sake, I'm not a review writer. I write about only movies which are too good to miss or too stupid to miss. So, I guess now you are clear that I'm not writing a review of the movie Namesake.

Its about my name. My name which troubles me most of the times. My name which troubles others when they have to read it. The very common thing that happens with me is .. when someone is reading out a list of names, and if they are stuck at one name, it must be mine.

All this started 22 years before. My parents wanted to name me "Karthik" as of God "Karthikeyan" (Second son of Lord Shiva) But, some guy (must be some stupid astrologer) told them that my name should start with 'S'. That is the start of my problems. They dint want to change "Karthik" and meaning of name too. So, they added another name of God "Karthikeyan" which is "Saravana". My name became "Saravana Karthik E". Do you think this was end of my story ? Then you are wrong. The story started after 15 years.

I was in my tenth class and when I'm supposed to write exams, I was filling my application and my headmaster called me and he told me that my name's spelling is "Saravana Kartheek". I was shocked and I argued with him that I know my name better than him. He gave me stupid reasons that my name is  कार्तीक but not कार्तिक (well, though I was not convinced, he was my head master and I had to accept it) Well, this is also not the end of the story. When I saw my 10th class hall ticket, I saw my name as "Saravana Karteek" and I had no other option than to go to him and ask. He had another story for it. He told me that my name is कार्तीक but not कार्थीक to keep "th" which stresses the 'T' sound. I was nothing less than shocked and pissed off. But, still I'm a tenth class student and he is my stupid head master. This is also not END of my sad story.

I was "Saravana Karteek" till my Intermediate (12th class) end. I've the same name in my Intermediate certificate also. But, when I reached my B.Tech, I saw my name in my B.Tech first year hall ticket. OMG, the big clear and smooth space was missing. Yeah .. the important space between "Saravana" and "Karteek" was missing. I thought it was a mistake and I checked my tenth class certificate. You know that they type names in Upper case in certificates. That was the reason I never found that there is no significant space between "Saravana" and "Karteek" and it is "SARAVANAKARTEEK". This is my story of becoming "Saravanakarteek" from "Karthik". Seriously, my name is so odd. This "Saravana" makes me sound like a Tamil which I'm not. So as "Karteek". When I'm in Madaras, if someone shouts name "Karthik", atleast 20 people will look at him. If its Saravana, then the count rises to 30. If its my name, then those 20+30 people will look him.

End of the story. "Karthik" to "Saravanakarteek" but called as "Karteek" or "Karteek E"

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Crash into each other

I'm really not "intelligent" enough or "experienced" enough to talk about this topic. But, I really want to talk about it just because its scaring me. Just because of what's going on around in the world, I'm losing trust in the world around me. I'm lucky enough not to experience it directly (but, I've experienced indirectly)

Well, the topic is ... Let me tell its definition first. It is a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human so-called races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one's own race is superior. Yeah, you got it right. Its "Racism".

The main reason behind terrorism, hatred, extremism and all other <cool> bad things is racism. It is the root for hatred, which creates an instinct of hurting others. It is the root for superiority complex, which creates a feeling they are great and every one else are below them. Which is the direct or an indirect reason for every big problem in the world.

Its such a sensitive topic that it can create problems any where and everywhere. When an American calls an Indian as a Pakistani, they call it racism. It just doesn't end there by creating an issue and getting our privilege. The same North Indian guy who was from UP don't consider abusing a Gujju as racism. The same Gujju who was abused never considers abusing a south Indian guy as racism. The same south Indian Telugu guy feels offended when he is called a Madarasi. The cycle never ends.

Every one is racist in one or other way. We just create stereotypes for each and every race. White guy is a racist so are Germans. Blacks are dangerous so are all Africans. Arabs are terrorists so we take every middle-east guy as an Arab. Indians are dark with bad English accent who eat all those spicy curries. Rich people are very bad. Poor people are cheap and dirty.

Its just not in people to call it as Individual Racism. Its in our institution itself. Britain gave knighthood to Salman Rushdie and Pakistan was angry with that and they wanted Britain to take his knighthood back. When Britain dint do that, they gave the title "Saifullah" or "Sword of Allah" to none other than Mr. Bin Laden. They gave a very good reasoning stating that "If a blasphemer can be given the title 'Sir' by the West despite the fact he's hurt the feelings of Muslims, then a mujahid who has been fighting for Islam against the Russians, Americans and British must be given the lofty title of Islam, Saifullah."

Well, when I read all these, I'm nothing but scared of the world around me. Every third person hates the fourth person. When all of us are sent by the same God to live in this world, we are not doing it but we are just crashing into each other's lives.

As I told you already, I'm really not intelligent enough or experienced enough to write all this. I might be completely wrong. Just wishing that I will atleast know that I'm wrong and if I'm correct, I wish everything will change in near future.

Friday, June 22, 2007

The world of assumptions

I assume a lot. You assume a lot. We assume a lot.

While writing this, I assumed that my friends will read this blog and post their comments.

While reading this, you might be assuming that this entry is crap as you really don't assume a lot. So, wrong assumption made by Karteek in ground zero (I meant line zero)

Actually, what ever you assumed that you don't assume a lot .. might be just your assumption and in fact you might be assuming a lot.

Leaving the argument aside, I want to tell you guys about my world of assumption. These are my assumptions (I assume that they are not crap)

1. No one is perfect in this world.

2. If someone is perfect, then the fact is that he isn't perfect as #1 is true.

3. If someone who is not perfect and tends to move himself towards perfection by fixing him step by step is perfectly normal.

4. Its just NOT better to give than take. If everyone wants to give but not take, then who on Earth will remain taking ? So, its certainly not better to give than take. Just try to give, if not possible take.

5. If you think about someone, they JUST DON'T feel it. As I've read in so many books that when you think about anyone constantly they will feel it. Well, I do think about someone atleast 20-30 times a day and they never felt it. (Here, Your assumption : It must be some girl, my answer : Your assumption is wrong, it can be Bill Gates, Google guys or even Abdul Kalam)

6. You don't know the art of living when you can win in the life. You know it only if you know how to compromise in your life.

7. If an intelligent guy finds a 100 rupee note, he will search for the person who owns it and give it back to him. If its a 1000 rupee not, he will keep it with him !!! (Here, your assumption : To hell, he dint talk about 500/- note, my answer : come on guys, use your brain atleast when you find money)

8. Trying to be perfect takes you no where, just be yourself unless you want to reach "no where" like me ;)

9. Just know that one or all of your assumptions are nothing but WRONG.

Here, when I used the word "perfect person", I meant him as a person who is "little good", "little bad", "little intelligent", "little stupid", "little mischievous", "little caring", "little soft", "little arrogant", "straight-forward", "heart follower" and most important "a person without any assumptions". I never meant a person who is really perfect just coz, No one is perfect in this world (well, its an assumption made by an assuming idiot)

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Friend or acquaintance .. this is so unfair

This entry doesn't make any meaning. Reader discretion is strongly recommended.

<sarcasm>I've so many friends in this world</sarcasm> This is what I tell myself once in a while. Whenever I tell this to myself, I end up in a weird situation. Actually end up with a question. Is friendship a mutual feeling or not. As per so many stupid philosophies I read, or the stupid movies I saw, I know that .. Love need not be mutual. It can be one-side feeling. Actually, more movies suggest that when you love someone you shouldn't expect samething in return. Well, those guys missed the lower form. What about friendship ???

They missed it completely. So, friendship must be a mutual feeling. Ain't it ? Come on ... still not convinced ? There are sooooooo many guys who "love" film stars. They know that they can't expect love in return. They are hardly any people (I've n't seen a single person in 22 years of my life) who tell that they are "friends" of a star(when that star don't even know them) Little confusing ? Must be, coz, I'm confused a lot right now. I've so many people around me .. whom I consider as friends and who really don't care about me. There are few people in far distant places for whom I really matter and I don't care about them.

If friendship is JUST giving ... then why the hell those philosphers or authors of big books or simply idiots define friendship as mutual understanding (one definition). If friendship is mutualism, how can that "mutualism" be measured ? Okay, I know what you are thinking now. Why the hell this idiot wants to measure "feeling" ? I've an answer for this. Just because of that pseudo-mutualism so many people get hurt every day.

You are going on a road, you see so many people travelling with you, and you just dont care. You are travelling in a train, you see so many travellers travelling with you and you feel like talking to one. You are travelling the journey of ur life, you meet so many people and do you call people whom you often meet as friends ??? If your answer is "Yes", you are lucky as you dont think much about life. So, you can hit the [x] button on the top. If your answer is "No", lets continue.

Only few of them become your friends. You get close to them. Sometimes very close to them. And one fine day, you will understand that the importance you give them is just one way. They really dont care what you feel. They really dont think about what you want. To them .. you are just one traveller in this road of life. What should you call them ? A friend .. ? or just an acquaintance ? To me, this question arises quite often. This is so unfair.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A curse ???

I was watching a movie and it made me think for a while. Nevermind, its a boring thought. Now let me tell about some stuff which is kinda different.

What would be the first thought that will flash in your mind when you find a girl whos very pretty is being promoted or given the best rating ???

Well, it depends. Some "very good" "text book" people will think that .. wow, she is intelligent too. These type of people are ... uhmm could be 7% .. or around. And yeah, they are boring guys, so, we will leave them.

What will other 93% or around people think about her ? Somethings "fishy" !!! And people who have thinking like "Madhur bhandarkar" (Director of movies like Page3, Corporate etc) They will declare that ... there is some conspiracy theory behind that girl getting that rating or promotion. I always was in that remaining 93% and I wanted to think on behalf of that one pretty girl .. who is intelligent once. JUST ONCE.

What if that girl is really intelligent ? It was the only one good question. Why couldn't we (I) learn to respect other aspects of her ? Just because she is so pretty, it doesn't mean that she is useless in every other aspect. What ever goes in favour of her is something, why should it be just something thats related to her physical appearance ? Why do we(I) think that she doesn't deserve something even if she deserves it ? Is her beauty a curse to her ? Just she is pretty, people tend to help her sooooo much making her lazy/useless in real and in other's minds too.

Oh. Just stop here kid. You are thinking too much. Just stop here and start doing your part to respect them. Next time you see a pretty girl whos promoted faster than you or who is given a better rating than you, DONT THINK that its JUST coz she looks good. Let her beauty be a gift to her, not a curse.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

This part of my life is known as ... Loneliness

Loneliness is an emotional state of in which a person experiences a powerful feeling of emptiness and isolation. Loneliness is more than just the feeling of wanting company or wanting to do something with another person. Loneliness is a feeling of being cut off, disconnected and alienated from other people. The lonely person may find it difficult or even impossible to have any form of meaningful human contact. Lonely people often experience a subjective sense of inner emptiness or hollowness, with feelings of separation or isolation from the world. The definition taken from wikipedia.

Well, I experienced a flavour of Loneliness today. Friends left Madaras one by one on different missions. A very few were here but were busy with their lives. I tried reaching couple of special friends, but they were very special to each other and I couldn't disturb them. I tried going to some place where loners are welcome. But, whereever I go, I found only people in groups. I couldn't find a single place where I can sit alone and have my dinner. I took my mission as to have my dinner "alone". Yeah, the feeling rocks. Where ever I go, loners are just NOT welcome. Well, finally my mission got little compromised and a biscuit packet became my dinner and beach became my hotel.

I've a serious problem of trying to find someone to blame when something really goes wrong. Today, everything went wrong. I wanted someone to apologise me for a very bad evening. Yeah, finally someone apologised me ... and not to my surprise, it was my Self. The reason for my loneliness was me. Well, being optimist, I hope I'm gonna fix everything soon.


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