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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A curse ???

I was watching a movie and it made me think for a while. Nevermind, its a boring thought. Now let me tell about some stuff which is kinda different.

What would be the first thought that will flash in your mind when you find a girl whos very pretty is being promoted or given the best rating ???

Well, it depends. Some "very good" "text book" people will think that .. wow, she is intelligent too. These type of people are ... uhmm could be 7% .. or around. And yeah, they are boring guys, so, we will leave them.

What will other 93% or around people think about her ? Somethings "fishy" !!! And people who have thinking like "Madhur bhandarkar" (Director of movies like Page3, Corporate etc) They will declare that ... there is some conspiracy theory behind that girl getting that rating or promotion. I always was in that remaining 93% and I wanted to think on behalf of that one pretty girl .. who is intelligent once. JUST ONCE.

What if that girl is really intelligent ? It was the only one good question. Why couldn't we (I) learn to respect other aspects of her ? Just because she is so pretty, it doesn't mean that she is useless in every other aspect. What ever goes in favour of her is something, why should it be just something thats related to her physical appearance ? Why do we(I) think that she doesn't deserve something even if she deserves it ? Is her beauty a curse to her ? Just she is pretty, people tend to help her sooooo much making her lazy/useless in real and in other's minds too.

Oh. Just stop here kid. You are thinking too much. Just stop here and start doing your part to respect them. Next time you see a pretty girl whos promoted faster than you or who is given a better rating than you, DONT THINK that its JUST coz she looks good. Let her beauty be a gift to her, not a curse.

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Monu Joy said...

Come on now Karteek....out with her secrets between friends :-P


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