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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Friend or acquaintance .. this is so unfair

This entry doesn't make any meaning. Reader discretion is strongly recommended.

<sarcasm>I've so many friends in this world</sarcasm> This is what I tell myself once in a while. Whenever I tell this to myself, I end up in a weird situation. Actually end up with a question. Is friendship a mutual feeling or not. As per so many stupid philosophies I read, or the stupid movies I saw, I know that .. Love need not be mutual. It can be one-side feeling. Actually, more movies suggest that when you love someone you shouldn't expect samething in return. Well, those guys missed the lower form. What about friendship ???

They missed it completely. So, friendship must be a mutual feeling. Ain't it ? Come on ... still not convinced ? There are sooooooo many guys who "love" film stars. They know that they can't expect love in return. They are hardly any people (I've n't seen a single person in 22 years of my life) who tell that they are "friends" of a star(when that star don't even know them) Little confusing ? Must be, coz, I'm confused a lot right now. I've so many people around me .. whom I consider as friends and who really don't care about me. There are few people in far distant places for whom I really matter and I don't care about them.

If friendship is JUST giving ... then why the hell those philosphers or authors of big books or simply idiots define friendship as mutual understanding (one definition). If friendship is mutualism, how can that "mutualism" be measured ? Okay, I know what you are thinking now. Why the hell this idiot wants to measure "feeling" ? I've an answer for this. Just because of that pseudo-mutualism so many people get hurt every day.

You are going on a road, you see so many people travelling with you, and you just dont care. You are travelling in a train, you see so many travellers travelling with you and you feel like talking to one. You are travelling the journey of ur life, you meet so many people and do you call people whom you often meet as friends ??? If your answer is "Yes", you are lucky as you dont think much about life. So, you can hit the [x] button on the top. If your answer is "No", lets continue.

Only few of them become your friends. You get close to them. Sometimes very close to them. And one fine day, you will understand that the importance you give them is just one way. They really dont care what you feel. They really dont think about what you want. To them .. you are just one traveller in this road of life. What should you call them ? A friend .. ? or just an acquaintance ? To me, this question arises quite often. This is so unfair.

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Monu Joy said...

Equality in feelings is predominantly rare...but i guess with time, the other person realizes your true just be the best friend to everyone you care will follow...


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