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Sunday, June 24, 2007


Okay. I know what's going on in your head. You think I wrote a review to the movie Namesake. For hell sake, I'm not a review writer. I write about only movies which are too good to miss or too stupid to miss. So, I guess now you are clear that I'm not writing a review of the movie Namesake.

Its about my name. My name which troubles me most of the times. My name which troubles others when they have to read it. The very common thing that happens with me is .. when someone is reading out a list of names, and if they are stuck at one name, it must be mine.

All this started 22 years before. My parents wanted to name me "Karthik" as of God "Karthikeyan" (Second son of Lord Shiva) But, some guy (must be some stupid astrologer) told them that my name should start with 'S'. That is the start of my problems. They dint want to change "Karthik" and meaning of name too. So, they added another name of God "Karthikeyan" which is "Saravana". My name became "Saravana Karthik E". Do you think this was end of my story ? Then you are wrong. The story started after 15 years.

I was in my tenth class and when I'm supposed to write exams, I was filling my application and my headmaster called me and he told me that my name's spelling is "Saravana Kartheek". I was shocked and I argued with him that I know my name better than him. He gave me stupid reasons that my name is  कार्तीक but not कार्तिक (well, though I was not convinced, he was my head master and I had to accept it) Well, this is also not the end of the story. When I saw my 10th class hall ticket, I saw my name as "Saravana Karteek" and I had no other option than to go to him and ask. He had another story for it. He told me that my name is कार्तीक but not कार्थीक to keep "th" which stresses the 'T' sound. I was nothing less than shocked and pissed off. But, still I'm a tenth class student and he is my stupid head master. This is also not END of my sad story.

I was "Saravana Karteek" till my Intermediate (12th class) end. I've the same name in my Intermediate certificate also. But, when I reached my B.Tech, I saw my name in my B.Tech first year hall ticket. OMG, the big clear and smooth space was missing. Yeah .. the important space between "Saravana" and "Karteek" was missing. I thought it was a mistake and I checked my tenth class certificate. You know that they type names in Upper case in certificates. That was the reason I never found that there is no significant space between "Saravana" and "Karteek" and it is "SARAVANAKARTEEK". This is my story of becoming "Saravanakarteek" from "Karthik". Seriously, my name is so odd. This "Saravana" makes me sound like a Tamil which I'm not. So as "Karteek". When I'm in Madaras, if someone shouts name "Karthik", atleast 20 people will look at him. If its Saravana, then the count rises to 30. If its my name, then those 20+30 people will look him.

End of the story. "Karthik" to "Saravanakarteek" but called as "Karteek" or "Karteek E"

5 responses:

A Guy From * said...

Hilarious one!

Go Karts! said...

I can totally empathise with u on this.. People mispell my name(Karthika) as Karthik at times(as they think the "a" at the end was probably a typo!) and that changes the gender itself..argh! Karthika is not that common a name for a girl(may be it is in Kerala) so I cant blame them.. but that doesn't stop me from getting pissed off with them.... All becoz of my family members who wanted to give me a different(!!??) name which starts with the letter K!

K said...

Karthika is a nice name. Btw, Did that guy from star tell you that .. I use "K-Artz" on my designs ?

Go Karts! said...

thanks! nope..he didn't...what kind of designs? painting?

K said...

Designs like this ->


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