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Friday, June 22, 2007

The world of assumptions

I assume a lot. You assume a lot. We assume a lot.

While writing this, I assumed that my friends will read this blog and post their comments.

While reading this, you might be assuming that this entry is crap as you really don't assume a lot. So, wrong assumption made by Karteek in ground zero (I meant line zero)

Actually, what ever you assumed that you don't assume a lot .. might be just your assumption and in fact you might be assuming a lot.

Leaving the argument aside, I want to tell you guys about my world of assumption. These are my assumptions (I assume that they are not crap)

1. No one is perfect in this world.

2. If someone is perfect, then the fact is that he isn't perfect as #1 is true.

3. If someone who is not perfect and tends to move himself towards perfection by fixing him step by step is perfectly normal.

4. Its just NOT better to give than take. If everyone wants to give but not take, then who on Earth will remain taking ? So, its certainly not better to give than take. Just try to give, if not possible take.

5. If you think about someone, they JUST DON'T feel it. As I've read in so many books that when you think about anyone constantly they will feel it. Well, I do think about someone atleast 20-30 times a day and they never felt it. (Here, Your assumption : It must be some girl, my answer : Your assumption is wrong, it can be Bill Gates, Google guys or even Abdul Kalam)

6. You don't know the art of living when you can win in the life. You know it only if you know how to compromise in your life.

7. If an intelligent guy finds a 100 rupee note, he will search for the person who owns it and give it back to him. If its a 1000 rupee not, he will keep it with him !!! (Here, your assumption : To hell, he dint talk about 500/- note, my answer : come on guys, use your brain atleast when you find money)

8. Trying to be perfect takes you no where, just be yourself unless you want to reach "no where" like me ;)

9. Just know that one or all of your assumptions are nothing but WRONG.

Here, when I used the word "perfect person", I meant him as a person who is "little good", "little bad", "little intelligent", "little stupid", "little mischievous", "little caring", "little soft", "little arrogant", "straight-forward", "heart follower" and most important "a person without any assumptions". I never meant a person who is really perfect just coz, No one is perfect in this world (well, its an assumption made by an assuming idiot)

2 responses:

Nikky said...

uff...too many assumptions..!! but nice one!

Anonymous said...

Ur frnds will comment on this post...Chalo thats not an assumption any more... I did..

~U kno Who


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