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Sunday, July 22, 2007

It's a Dog Eat Dog World

When ever I see Michael Moore movies, the most I like about them is their banner - "Dog Eat Dog Films"

Well, I'm not going to write about MM or his films or any dogs that eat dogs. I'm just writing about a forward I got from one of my teamies. <masala>It's about two friends in a jungle</masala>

Two friends went to a jungle. They saw a hungry lion there (Don't ask me how do I know that lion is hungry. It's looking at them just the way I look at KFC ;) Come on, just concentrate on the story) As soon as they saw the lion, they understood that they are going to be history. One of those guys took a pair of brand new Nike shoes and started wearing them. His friend was surprised at his action and asked him "Do you think that you can run faster than lion with those shoes on ?" This guy replied him "Dude, I need not run faster than the lion. I just need to run faster than you ! "

Ending is simple. The guy without running shoes has "Experienced Certainty" for having such a cool friend who carries a pair of Nike all the time ;)

Are you thinking about the moral of the story ? It's simple. It's a Dog Eat Dog World. Competition is ruthless and you've to look out for yourself.

Well yeah. I know what you guys are thinking. I never end my posts so normal. Yeah, I've something else in my mind. It's not about lion. It's not about shoes. Not even about forest. It's just about the friend. It's about every friend you leave behind and run when you are chased by a lion.

<philosophy>Life has a very simple rule. Rule is to turn little hard some times and very hard some other times. When it turns very hard on you, only person who can help you is a friend. Even though this is a Dog Eat Dog world. Even though the competition is ruthless. Just, don't make it a habit of running away leaving your friend behind when they need you. One day, when your another friend leaves you behind and runs faster, the guy whom you dint leave will certainly help you.</philosophy>

<utopia>Yes. I know that I shouldn't be using the terms "friend" and "running away" together because a "true" friend will never run away leaving you behind. Friends are here to run with you, not run faster than you ;)</utopia>

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