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Thursday, July 5, 2007

Me, Myself and an Artist

Hi. I always knew that I look bad. Well, bad enough to tell that I'm bad. But, certainly not F-Ugly. I really can't scare anyone with my looks (though, I can with my words) Karteek

Many of my friends tell me that I take very nice photos. Yeah, most of the photos I take look decent enough to be called as good photos. For most of my friends, I've take atleast one photo to be called as one of their best photos. But, the sad part is that I don't have any good photos of mine. I really can't expect my friends to click a good photo of mine. Come on, they can take a good photo only if I was little good for the photo. Being not so experienced in making ugly people look better, they never managed to take a pretty picture of mine.

After I bought a pretty new DSLR, I wanted to take a self portrait and I took some picture of mine. And I managed to take a picture which looked decent enough to blog. Well, the picture was good or atleast, it was good looking to my eyes. Then one of my friends commented that .. "Every one look ugly to their eyes" and my cousin commented .. "Every one is pretty for them self" .... Hmm .. which one should I believe ? Finally, I took both of their comments. I looked good in this photo. And I might be bad too. So, I edited the image so that it looks like a drawing. The one you saw is my final output. Hope, you will agree that I'm not an ugly creature :-D


2 responses:

A Guy From * said...

Both the comments are true.

But, you look really nice.And better in the drawing.

Anonymous said...

appreciate ur artistic way of morphing ur photo.

beauty (as they say) is something that lies within u.It is not how u look.


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