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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Sicko %@#$%@#$^^

I watched latest documentary/movie of Michael Moore(MM), Sicko. It was not just a documentary on some topic. It's a very good try to Change His World and make it better for people living around him.

It presents only facts, which chill you to the bone. He could've been biased while showing stuff. But, certainly he dint show anything which is not a fact. The way he presented is very good. He presented American HMO in such a way that, any guy who has sensible emotional quotient would feel like beating the blue out of those companies for doing business on lives of people.

One scene goes like this. A guy while cutting wood with a saw, cuts two of his fingers and doctors give him a big offer. If you want your ring finger, we will do that for 12 grand, if your choice is your middle finger, we will do that for 60 grand.

But, at the end of the movie, MM did a mistake by making it public that he helped the guy who runs when he needed money for his wife's operation. When he helped him anonymously, he should have stayed anonymous rather than making it public in his documentary. It shows that he wanted credit for the help and he wanted to make the guy who hates him to look like a loser.

As soon as the movie is over, I went to and saw some topics there. Yeah, its clear that MM is biased but what the hell is owner of moorewatch, Mr. JimK trying to do ? One guy is trying to change the world by doing his part, and he is trying to stop the change by telling what ever he is showing is biased. Well, yeah, what ever MM is doing is for fame&money. But, people who are watching his movies are understanding what's going around them atleast 10% of what's going around (One point for MM) May be, they are understanding little more than facts (minus one for MM, that gives him zero) Whatever Mr. JimK is doing, only people who don't like MM would appreciate (So, no big deal, zero of JimK) When both of you guys are zeroes, what's the big deal of wasting MY TIME by letting me know that you are fighting to save the world ?? Real Sickos !!!

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