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Thursday, August 9, 2007

Free {legal} alternatives

Note: Following content deals with computer related stuff. Reader discretion is advised.

Most of us in India use WinTel machines. WinTel as in Windows -Intel machines. Yes, you are wrong. I'm not going to campaign for Linux right now. I'm going tell more about software rather than Linux. Windows is also a cool OS to have if you can pay for it.

As far as I know many people when they use computers at their homes, they tend to use illegal/pirated software. When I was student, I never had a second thought about pirated software. But, when I became part of the IT industry where my company bill my client for the code I write, why shouldn't the guys who coded the program which I use demand the money ... just like I do. They need money for their code as much as I need money for my code.

But, there is always another version of my stories. Yeah, those programmers who code for money should get their money. But, what about poor guys like me who can't afford every software they want to use. Well, people who want the quality/fame of those commercial tools, SHOULD BUY those commercial tools or take a little time to migrate to Open Source/Free alternatives.

Yes, this is about the software. The software which I use every day for my personal use. The software which all use every day to meet their requirements. These are the type of users.

  1. Who BUY their software
  2. Who download their ILLEGAL software
  3. Who look for ALTERNATIVE

I've no comments for users of type {2}. I'm indeed a user who come under {1} and {3} I bought my OS along with my dell lappy. And about remaining tools, I tend to look for an alternative. For everyone out there, who wants grab their free {legal} software, take a look at - site which is dedicated to give details about Open Source Alternatives to commercial software.

Whenever you feel guilty for using pirated software (if at all, you realize one day) before checking your pockets for money to buy the commercial software, check Opensource Alternative site. If you change your mind to be a real !windows guy, and you want to switch to Linux, the site which can help you a lot in your transformation is Linux Alternative.

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