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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Magician with stick in his hand

There is one Indian Portal which writes articles like ... who is the hottest item girl, Sharapova in sizzling red etc etc, but it won't write that today (Aug 29) is National Sports Day. That is why Arjun awards as well as Khel Ratna awards are given today.

Why do we celebrate Aug 29 as National Sports Day ? It is coz, its birthday of a great guy, who can be compared to Pele, Sir Don Bradman when it comes to his particular sport. To be frank, he is considered as the greatest player ever played that game. But, it is sad that we don't know him as much as we know Anna Kournikova or Sania Mirza even though they are mediocre in their game.

His game was superior that many people thought that he is magician. Tokyo officials broke his stick to search for magnet in it and tried to console themselves telling that he added some sort of glue. He was supposedly offered a place of Field Marshal in German Army by Adolf Hitler. Guess, you got it now. He is none other than Dhyan Chand. It is very sad that I can't see/hear his name on any portal or a news channel today when National Sports Day is celebrated on occasion of his birthday.

To finish, He was part of India's first three Olympics Gold winning National Hockey Team. Team India reached finals of Olympics eight times in a row and won seven Golds and one Silver. In this not-so favorite game of Indians(favorite being Cricket), India won eight Olympic Golds and Aus, with four Olympic Golds is second in the table.

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