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Sunday, September 16, 2007

D.O.A.P - Fiction Doped for Acceptance

I realized today that I can easily be influenced by a movie. Of course, not by any movie; but certainly by a very good movie. Michael Moore's two documentaries Fahrenheit 9/11 and Sicko made me believe what ever he has shown in the movie. I almost believed some of those Theories after watching few documentaries.

Today, I realized that I shouldn't believe everything that I see in those documentaries. The reason behind that realization is "Yet another documentary".

So, what is that documentary about ?
It's about Assassination of President Bush.
What ????? Documentary ???? About President Bush ?? Was Senior Bush killed ??
Come on .... None is killed.
Then WTF is that documentary about ????
It's about .... assassination of George W. Bush, current President of USA on 19 Oct, 2007
Dude, WTF are you talking about ???

I'm talking about a documentary named Death of a President which was released in 2006. Its a fictional documentary. But, if you keep me in a dungeon for one total year without newspaper or television or internet and show this documentary after an year, I would certainly believe that this total documentary is true. Director took interviews of people, how used archive footage, he even used computer effects to make us feel like we are watching real stuff.

Its obvious that documentary was very well taken. But, I wanted to understand what the director really wanted to convey with this movie. Wikipedia tells that the film covers topics of civil disobedience, racial profiling, the reduction of civil liberties, sensationalism and just-war theory. But, my thoughts were not limited to just those topics.

I was constantly thinking about those old documentaries which I watched and liked/believed so much. I was thinking about dialogue in the movie "Die Hard 4.0" - "The news is completely manipulated". Those fake sting operations, the unnecessary media attentions, what ever is happening right now in this world made me feel one thing. Should I really believe what I'm watching on those news channels ? As some great person once told ... For every story there are three versions ... Your version, My version and The Truth.

What ever my thoughts, I understood one thing. No big deal in documentaries, they can biased or even wrong. What else can I understand, I just saw a documentary taken so well about the assassination of a person who is alive and who would be thinking about another war right now. Now, I've to rethink about old documentaries too.

Finishing touch and question for you ... Can 21st century media be defined as Fiction Doped With Sensationalism for Acceptance ?

2 responses:

Krish Ashok said...

Its an extremely well-made movie though. But you are right about documentaries. It's very hard to be absolutely certain about the truth in a world where everything can be manipulated to look real.

Anonymous said...

" person who is alive and who would be thinking about another war right now."

nice one. LOL..

~ u know who


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