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Monday, October 1, 2007

Artificial Love

 [Taken with Canon Digital Rebel XTi on 30 Sep 2007, 12.20 AM]
I'll give you all I got
If that's what you want
I'll give you what I got and more
But just see me through and through
That's all you got to do
But don't you dare give dare give dare give me
Artificial Love
 [Taken from Bambi - Artificial Love]

I like flowers, especially flowers with water drops on them. When ever I see them, I couldn't stop myself from capturing them. Almost all the snaps I take are special to me. I see them again and again. While taking them, I take so much time that my friends usually get frustrated by the time I take to take a single shot. As I try to give 100% of myself to that particular shot while framing it, some times, I get decent shots like the above one.

You need not observe the picture carefully to find that the flower is artificial, but if you have to see carefully to find that those drops are not water drops. I really don't have anything to tell anything about the camera or the shot or the mode or the focal length used to take the shot. There is something different I sense from the picture.

It's beautiful. But, it's fake ... just like that special "someone" you met in your life. Everyone of us would have met that "someone" atleast once in our lives. That "someone" could be the person whom you've loved sincerely or the person whom you would have considered as your best friend or even a person from your family. If you think that you haven't, the truth could be you haven't sensed it or you are just one lucky person in this world. But, when you come to know that you are not a lucky person, all you would be doing is tracing through the steps written in one of my previous posts.

Everyone of us would have had some minor to major crushes or even serious loves which failed. For "you" who is reading this right now and comparing the artificiality of this flower to the artificiality of love that your "Ex" showed you ... I've one thing to tell you.

The flower is fake just like her love
No big deal of blaming her now
The drops are fake so were your tears
Even a cyclone stops as the sky clears
You moved on for the greater future
That's the same you would get for sure
 [Some random rhyme is never a crime]

I wrote this blog post without thinking. One random thought and a very random post. If it makes any meaning, good; otherwise sorry for wasting your time. In a nutshell, I wanted to tell you one thing - If you are a victim of artificial love, just move on. It's everywhere.

3 responses:

Anonymous said...

Hmm...Random Rhyme is never a crime...true but Future and Sure do not rhyme :P

The flower is fake just like her love
No big deal of blaming her now
The drops are fake so were your tears
Even a cyclone stops AND the sky clears
You moved on for A Better Life
That's the same you would get And a better/Beautiful wife :D

How does this sound to you.. ;)
We shall discuss this the next time we are on a call...

BTW True/artificial everything is the same... Better not get in touch with the bug.. A bug is a bug whichever version of the software you are using...

~U Kno Who..

K said...

Those lines are better than mine. Btw, I think cyclone stops as the sky clears, but not before the sky clears.

Ah, nvm, I'll take your suggestion. Rhymes : NO-NO :D

And you forgot to comment about the important thing in the post - The Photo :P

Anonymous said...

Yes karteek you are rt.
The flower is fake as the tears are as every wise victim is moving on for better life leaving the tears on fake flower....
Its very nice to present this truth with good photo from KArtz :)


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