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Friday, October 12, 2007

Gutsy Gibbon - A Step Ahead ?

Tribe 3 is on the move now to become Gutsy Gibbon next Thursday, which actually managed to impress most of the people out there. Gutsy Gibbon is coming; with lots of hopes on its shoulders.

If you are thinking what the hell is this ??? Well, never mind, I'm talking about the new release of Ubuntu Linux Distribution. Probably, you want to read about Vista rather than this ;)

If you are wondering, what is Gutsy Gibbon bringing with it; It's bringing hopes of several Linux lovers of Linux becoming a desktop ready OS. Dell and some other vendors are already selling some of their Laptop and PC models with Linux pre-installed in them. But, the present day situation is little different that Linux is not really so friendly that any one can just start using it as simple they use Windows.

If you are probably a Linux user already, the features worth looking forward in Gutsy Gibbon are

  • Faster Desktop Search
  • Compiz Fusion by default
  • AppArmor security framework
  • Improvements in Firefox plugins
  • Better support for audio/video codecs
  • Graphical configuration tool for
  • Faster User Switching in shared machines
  • Printer auto-detection
  • Better handling for commercial drivers
  • Better support for NTFS

What is Gutsy Gibbon doing to Linux ?

Well, Ubuntu is just one flavor Linux, and it's giving it's best to take Linux one step ahead of becoming a Desktop OS.

What is so good about Linux ?

This question surprises me a lot. To be very clear, everything is great about Linux. It's got a sexy interface, if you don't trust me, take a look at what Compiz can do. If you don't want any GUI interface, you are TEH GUY for Linux, it welcomes you with a very useful shell. It's got almost every tool you use on windows, check LinuxAlt for more information. It gives you more control on your computer than windows. It lets you do MORE useful stuff with your computer rather than burning your computer cycles for checking those stupid commercial DRM rights. If you are a casual user, you need not spend thousands of your hard earned money just to buy one crippled OS which never gives you for your money.

Is Linux nearly a step ahead of becoming Desktop OS ?

Well, the answer is not with just me. It depends on the "particular" user. A user like me will be comfortable with Linux obviously coz, it does everything what windows do, but, if you are some games freak or if you need Photoshop, well, Linux can't help you much other than giving you some decent alternatives.

What does it mean if you are still reading this post ?

It means nothing that you are little bored of your Windows, and you are little scared of trying/buying the new OS from Microsoft - Vista. And, yes, you are thinking about something good. Just, grab your LiveCD from Ubuntu, and pop the CD and reboot. Ubuntu will boot from the CD without installation. If you like it, you can install it beside your "windows" installation without doing any harm to your files.

You can download the ISO of the CD from Ubuntu site or order a free copy of Ubuntu from its "ShipIt" service.

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